Invest In Yourself

Invest in yourself, invest in your future. Managing your personal finance and improving your financial health is crucial to the success of every Ichabod. The Bod Money Management Program is committed to providing our students with the knowledge and tools necessary to be financially literate and healthy. The skills learned through our program will benefit students long after graduation.

Personal Money Management Videos

What are overdraft fees?

Yearly overdraft fees have increased steadily. Some financial institutions have stopped charging overdraft fees during the pandemic, but many continue. What are these fees, anyway? And why do most banks still charge them?

Is college worth it?

Many recent college grads end up with a job as a retail employee and such, so is college really worth it? Yes, college graduates make over $400,000 more than people without, proof of the benefit a college education can provide.

Budgeting, Resources and Tips

Below are sites that will help you learn more about managing your money and give insights to specific money questions you might have.

  • Budgeting while in College

    • A budget is the first step in getting control of your finances. It can help you plan your semester so you have enough funds, reduce your borrowing and find places to save on everyday expenses. Below are tools to help you budget.

  • Tax Credits Can Help You Offset the Cost of College

    • Taxes are a part of adult life take charge of your finances and understand how college affects your taxes. Below is a link to the University’s Business Office webpage

  • Understanding Federal Student Aid


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