iAlert For Parents

Washburn is keeping your student safe and informed with iAlert.

Washburn University has implemented iAlert, a mass messaging emergency notification system which significantly enhances our ability to maintain a safe campus and learning environment for students, faculty and staff.   It is the responsibility of students to provide accurate contact information and to keep the contact information current. For your peace of mind, please encourage your student to verify their telephone numbers and the numbers of their emergency contacts, such as family members.   iAlert participants will be informed as quickly as possible in the event of a campus emergency or special situation so they can take appropriate and timely measures in response to the event.

iAlert will be used to notify those registered of:

  • Any occurrence that threatens the safety and security of campus.
  • closings due to emergency situations threatening the safety and security of campus

iAlert will NOT be used for . . .

  • general announcements or any other purposes

What is the Washburn iAlert mass notification system?

The iAlert system will serve as Washburn’s primary method of communication during a campus emergency or special situation.

iAlert technology enables Washburn to send voice, e-mail and text messages to students, faculty and staff or other designated contacts, such as parents, to telephone numbers they enter.

  • Both a voice message and a text message will be sent to cell phone numbers. A voice mail message will be left if there is no answer.
  • An e-mail will be automatically sent to the student’s Washburn.edu account.

Does my student need to register for this service?

All students will automatically receive email notification without enrolling.  If students want to receive the emergency message via telephone they will need to go to the following website   iAlert Preferences Portal and add their telephone numbers.  Please remember that any time their contact numbers change they will need to update their iAlert information.  Providing their phone number to other Univeristy offices WILL  NOT update their iAlert contact numbers.  Students should be aware of the importance of personal safety and the need to assume the responsibility of verifying their iAlert information. Students need to be informed as quickly as possible in the event of a campus emergency or special situation so they can respond appropriately.  It is also important that parents be notified in the event of a campus emergency.

How does my student register for iAlert?

Their university email address is automatically enrolled in iAlert.  If students want to receive the messages via telephone they will need to login to the following website using their MyWashburn username and password.  iAlert Preferences Portal

Will iAlert let me know if the campus is closed due to inclement weather?

Only Text messages and emails will be sent to notify you of campus closings due to inclement weather because such notices are typically issued at approximately 5 a.m.  If you enrolled only a landline telephone number you will not receive a call about campus closings.

Does Washburn correct my personal contact information if it is not accurate?

No. Information entered remains inaccurate until the student makes the correction.

Will my contact information for iAlert be used to update any other information systems?

No. The contact data the student provides will not be used for any other purpose.

Will there be tests of the iAlert notification system?

Yes. The system will be tested periodically. Advance notification will be issued to alert students of the upcoming test.

When will my iAlert account be deactivated?

Registration will be deactivated when the student is no longer enrolled at Washburn.


Please contact Public Relations at 785.670.1154.

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