Communication Studies at Washburn

Communication Studies is the perfect major for students with multiple interests and diverse talents. When you study communication at Washburn you’ll learn about theories, tools and techniques for analyzing, managing and improving communication in every arena of human interaction in both professional and personal contexts.

What’s more, effective communication skills are in great demand in today’s competitive market and Washburn has a great cadre of faculty ready and willing to assist you in your career and your academic choices.

What can I do with a Communication Studies degree?

Educational and Employment Opportunities

Communication Studies majors can put their skills to use in a wide variety of careers.  You'll find our graduates working in human resources, writing speeches, working with lobbyists and public information officers and throughout corporate and non-profit management. You'll find your skills will fit most any career that interests you.  In short, this major prepares students for success. Communication Studies majors also go to graduate school, law school and earn many other professional degrees.


Communication Studies majors have many internship options and we actively encourage our student to take advantage of the opportunity. Our graduates have gained great experience at Washburn as they interned for political offices, banks, hospitals, not-for-profit organizations, law firms and various corporations.

  Communication Studies faculty and staff directory page.

GET IN TOUCH WITH Department of Communication Studies

Communication Studies Department
Morgan Hall, Room 206
1700 SW College Ave
Topeka, KS 66621

Phone & Email
Phone: 785-670-2230

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