The B. A. in Art History is structured for the student interested in museum studies or advanced work in art history or related fields. The degree is often used in double major or major-minor degree plans. It is a degree consisting of 40 credit hours in the major plus the general education requirements of the college. 

Required courses:

AR 101- Survey of Art History I (3) 
AR 102 Survey of Art History II (3) 
AR 131 Basic Digital Art Media (3)
AR 140 Drawing I (3) 
AR 300 Art Criticism (3) 
AR 312 Research in Art History (6) 
AR 313 Museum & Materials (3)
AR 402 Art Forum (1) 
=25 hours required courses

18 hours art history electives (15 hours must be upper division)

NOTE: A senior research paper is required of all BA-Art History majors (AR 312). All B. A. Art History students must take RG 105 Introduction to Old Testament, or RG 106 Intro to New Testament or EN 210 Mythologies in Literature (3) as required correlate course in Humanities (may count as General Education).

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