An integrative approach to the education, experience, and empowerment of leadership development

Students can take a variety of courses designed to broaden their community understanding and leadership skills by taking courses for General Education, Honors, or by pursuing a minor or certificate. Students in our classes have the opportunity to apply what they learn in the classroom to real-life contexts while exploring their own capacities to create positive change.

Community Studies Minor

With our community studies minor you'll have a strong foundation in community organizing, advocacy and social justice. Through coursework and experiential learning opportunities, you'll gain the skills and knowledge needed to understand and engage with the complex social issues facing communities today. The minor:

  • Emphasizes community-engaged learning, with opportunities for hands-on engagement with local organizations and communities. This allows you to put your knowledge and skills into practice while making a positive impact in the world.
  • Is taught by experienced faculty members who are experts in community studies, providing students with mentorship and guidance throughout their academic journey.
  • Can enhance career opportunities, as it prepares you for careers in a wide range of fields, including non-profit management, public policy, social work and education.

Leadership Studies Minor

The Leadership Studies Minor is a way to complement your major program with leadership education and experience. The minor is designed to be completed while earning a bachelor's degree, so students in all majors can pursue this program. Collaboration between the Leadership Institute and other major departments, such as the School of Nursing, integrate the leadership concepts already covered within the major courses into the Leadership Studies Minor curriculum.

To earn a Leadership Studies Minor, you must complete 18 credit hours of coursework, including the Leadership Institute's required four core courses, which equates to 12 credit hours. Six credit hours of elective courses from one of four thematic tracks is also required. Two of the core courses, LE100 and LE200, may also count as General Education courses in the Social Sciences and Arts and Humanities areas.

Leadership Studies Certificate

You can add leadership education and experience to your associate's degree through the Leadership Studies Certificate. Students in all degree programs can pursue this program, which is designed to be completed while earning an associate's degree but can also complement a bachelor's program.

To earn the Leadership Studies Certificate, the Leadership Institute's required four core courses, must be completed. The Leadership Institute may also collaborate with an Associate's degree program of study that integrates the leadership concepts covered into the leadership curriculum.

Master of Arts in Communication and Leadership

The Master of Arts in Communication and Leadership helps you become a collaborative and innovated leader who demonstrates effective communication skills, self-awareness and strategic thinking. This online, flexible program is designed for professionals interested in a graduate degree for career advancement. Leadership, teamwork, communication skills and problem-solving abilities are the attributes most desired by employers, and this curriculum addresses them all.

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