Studying leadership at Washburn

At Washburn we believe leadership is for everyone. Anyone has the capacity to lead, they just need the confidence to do it!

By studying leadership you'll build on your degree program and explore how you might demonstrate leadership in your field of interest. Students from all majors can add a leadership minor or certificate to their course of study. You'll truly have a customized learning experience and set yourself up for success after college.

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What sets Washburn leadership studies apart?

Employers want to hire people with demonstrated leadership skills. We focus on providing theoretical knowledge and fostering self-awareness and leadership capacity so you're ready to immediately exercise leadership in the workplace. Opportunities to practice leadership and sharpen leadership skills are plentiful throughout the curriculum, giving you experiences that make you attractive to employers.

By graduating with the leadership studies minor you will have completed a leadership internship and earned a leadership Washburn Transformational Experience (WTE) which appear on your transcript.

You'll also have the opportunity to practice your skills through:

  • conference travel
  • positional leadership roles in student organizations
  • community engagement, such as volunteering and mentorship
  • involvement in the Leadership Challenge EventTM

Bryce Liedtke

Meet Bryce

"I did not always consider myself to be a leader but that changed here at Washburn University. The Leadership Studies Minor instilled in me the importance of leadership and equipped me with the skills to be a better leader.

The courses I took not only aligned with my degree but enhanced it. The classes fit perfectly into my schedule and did not cause any interruptions. At Washburn I majored in Biology and Spanish to continue my education into medical school. The Leadership Studies minor gave me the necessary skills and support to be a leader and assisted greatly in my acceptance into medical school.

The extracurricular opportunities and positions provided excellent avenues to refine my leadership skills in a supportive and motivating environment while putting what I was learning into practice. While I expected to learn a lot about leadership what I did not expect was the amazing community that came with it. The faculty and staff have become great mentors and I even found many of my best friends. These are connections I will have well beyond my years at Washburn. I am forever grateful for the skills, mentorship, network, and opportunities this has provided me and proud to be a part of the program."

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