2005-2006 Faculty Senate Members

2005-2006 Faculty Senate APPROVED MINUTES

2005-2006 Faculty Senate MEETING AGENDA

May 3rd, 2005 - No agenda. 1st FS meeting
No February meeting

2005-2006 Faculty Senate ACTION ITEMS

Item #
Action Item
Establishment of a Sweet Summer Sabbatical Committee Approved
Review of Faculty Handbook Guidelines Regarding Faculty Sabbaticals (proposed new language) Referred to FAC
Proposal: Formation of a Committee on Academic Integrity Approved
Proposal: The Transformational Experience Graduation Requirement Approved
Proposed Modification of Final Exam Schedule Failed
Program change in Anthropology Approved
Program change in Pure Mathematics Track Approved
Program change in Math for Secondary Teaching Track Approved
General Education Reform Referred to AAC
Deletion of the Military Studies Certificate from the University Catalog Approved
Discontinuance of Purchasing Management Program In the School of Applied Studies Approved
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