Committee Charge

The Senate Executive Committee will be charged with arranging meeting times and establishing agendas for each meeting. The Executive Committee shall also serve as a Committee on Committees for the Faculty Senate.

Committee Members

  • Tonya Ricklefs - School of Applied Studies
  • Tracy Wagner - College of Arts and Sciences
  • Erin Grant - School of Applied Studies
  • Carson Kay - College of Arts and Sciences
  • Amanda Hartman - School of Nursing
  • Barbara Scofield - School of Business
  • Tonya Kowalska - School of Law
  • James Barraclough - University Wide/Libraries

Faculty Senate Executive Committee Statement on the Death of George Floyd, Black Lives Matter, the University, and Social Justice

The violent deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and so many others remind us that systemic racism continues to be a reality suffered by Black Americans within the United States. Black Lives Matter. We bear witness to the fact that the university does not exist independently from the racist society of which it is part. We must be better. As a university faculty and staff, we stand together with our students and our community committed to our duty as an institution of higher learning to create positive change through education and robust conversation. Consistent with the founding legacy of Washburn University, we are committed to continuing the difficult journey towards a fully inclusive community--an environment that supports open, challenging, and crucial conversations about marginalized populations, systemic oppression, justice, and equality. Non Nobis Solum. 

Number signed in support: 221
June 29, 2020

Committee Members 2020/2021 

  • Kim Morse (President) – CAS (SocSci)
  • Tonya Ricklefs (Vice President) - SAS
  • Shaun Schmidt (Parliamentarian) - CAS (NS/M)
  • Crystal Stevens (Secretary) - SON
  • Louella Moore
  • Marsha Griggs

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