Graduate Council Committee Charge

The Graduate Committee is charged with evaluating carefully and making recommendations to the Faculty Senate regarding new graduate programs and major revisions to programs proposed by any Major Academic unit of the University. The primary concern of the committee shall be consistency of the proposed program with applicable University-wide guidelines and regulations, potential impact of the program on other established programs in the University, and financial implications of such new or revised programs.

Committee Members

  • Jennifer Ball, Associate VP - Academic Affairs (Ex-officio)
  • Emily Grant, Associate Dean - School of Law (Ex-officio)
  • Tracy Routsong, Assistant Dean - College of Arts and Sciences
  • Erin Grant, Faculty - Criminal Justice and Legal Studies, School of Applied Studies
  • Rhonda Peterson-Dealy, Faculty - Social Work, School of Applied Studies
  • Becky Dodge, Faculty - Allied Health, School of Applied Studies
  • Stacy Conner, Faculty - Family and Human Services, School of Applied Studies
  • Michael Rettig, Faculty - Education, School of Applied Studies
  • Jim Schnoebelen, Faculty - Communication Studies, College of Arts and Sciences
  • Dave Provorse, Faculty - Psychology, College of Arts and Sciences
  • Tracy Davies, Faculty - School of Nursing
  • Michele Reisinger, Faculty - School of Nursing
  • Danny Funk - School of Business
  • Barbara Scofield, Faculty - School of Business
  • Sarah Holt - Mabee Library
  • Barbara Scofield - Faculty Senate Representative
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