2007-2008 Faculty Senate Members

2007-2008 Faculty Senate APPROVED MINUTES


2007-2008 Faculty Senate MEETING AGENDAS


2007-2008 Faculty Senate ACTION ITEMS

Item #
Action Item
Establishment of a policy relating to the review of student “research” referred to task force
Proposed program changes and deletions in Art and English Approved
Proposed Alteration in Degree Requirements for Bachelor of Arts in Music Approved pending approval from CAS
Proposed SAS Program Change Approved
Administrative responsibility for the Washburn Transformational Experience Approved
General Sonography Certificate curriculum change Approved
Revising the Faculty Senate Constitution: Make-up of AAC and "supermajority" vote
Cost reduction for adjunct instructors taking classes at Washburn University Approved
Risk Management Policy - drafts NOT AN ACTION ITEM
Change in the Composition of the Academic Affairs Committee Not approved
Three year review cycle for the Washburn Transformational Experience Tabled until 05/12/2008 meeting
Proposed Change in the Faculty Senate Constitution Approved
ED CIS PS HPE new programs and program changes and deletions Approved
Proposed changes to the currently existing Grievance Policy and Procedure (Appendix IX of the Faculty Handbook). Approved
Course numbering  
Substitution of the previously approved language regarding joint appointments in place of the translation that currently exists in the Faculty Handbook. First reading 05/12/2008 meeting
Revision to Faculty Handbook – Procedure for the conduct of General Faculty meetings First reading 05/12/2008 meeting
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