Frequently Asked Benefit Questions

Reimbursement Claim Forms may be obtained in the Human Resources Department. Completed forms should be sent with proof of expense to: ASI Flex, PO BOX 6044, Columbia, MO 65205-6044. For information call the Customer Service Center at 1-800-659-3035. Fax: 1-877-879-9038. 
You may access your account information 24-hours a day through their website at
Reimbursable services must be rendered during the plan year, and receipts must be submitted within 90 days of the end of the plan year. The plan year ends December 31. There is an open enrollment during the month of November each year for the new plan year beginning January 1.

Based on IRS requirements, Dependent Care Reimbursement Account claims must be substantiated with two items: 

  1. a written statement from a third party providing that the dependent care expenses have been incurred, the amount of the expense, and the name of the child the services relate to; and
  2. a written statement from the participant providing that the dependent care expenses have not been reimbursed or are not reimbursable from any other coverage plus the tax identification number (or Social Security Number) of the provider.  (The completed claim form satisfies this requirement).
Completed application forms are due in the Human Resources Department no later than July 1 for Fall Semester; December 1 for Spring Semester; and April 15 for Summer Sessions.
Tuition assistance may be available for dependents. Please visit the Financial Aid webpage about tuition waivers or contact the Financial Aid Office at ext. 1151 for information.
  • As soon as you are aware that you will have an opening in your department, notify the Human Resources Department by completing a Termination/Request for Recruitment form.
  • Once Human Resources receives the Termination/Request for Recruitment form, a payroll termination document is prepared to remove the exiting employee from the University payroll.  The form also gives you the option to initiate a recruitment for the position, and Human Resources will contact you to finalize the details of the recruitment.
  • When you have concluded interviews for your position, please call the Director of Human Resources to discuss salary options; once verbal approval is given to offer the position, and the position is accepted contingent upon successful completion of a background report and approval by the Vice President for Administration. An Appointment Recommendation form should be completed and sent to Human Resources.  This will initiate an employment workflow for the successful candidate; other applicants will be notified of their non-selection.  The hiring manager is responsible for contacting the individuals that were interviewed.
Staff position vacancies are are available on line: Vacancies on the Human Resources web page. For information on faculty positions, contact the office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs.
Unless there is a qualifying event, changes in health insurance plans may only be made during an open enrollment period. Open enrollments are normally held during November of each year. For more information, contact Human Resources, 785.670.1538.
Your election of retirement contributions may be changed no more than four times each year. For information and election forms contact Human Resources.

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