Direct Deposit of Payroll

Funds are transferred via ACH from the University bank account to a designated account or accounts, checking or savings, in a financial institution designated by the participating employee.  

Educational Assistance

After one year of continuous employment, eligible employees may officially enroll in University courses for credit or audit without having to pay applicable tuition and fees.  Law School Courses excluded. 

Tuition waiver benefits may also be available for your dependent(s) and/or spouse who enroll in undergraduate courses at either Washburn or Washburn Institute of Technology, or in a CEP course via Washburn University (high school student) this fall.  Tuition waiver amounts vary based on your employment status.  Dependents of full-time benefits eligible employees may qualify to receive a 50% tuition waiver and dependents of part-time benefits eligible employees (< 40 hours a week) may qualify to receive a 25% tuition waiver. 

For compliance purposes, the student must meet the following criteria to be eligible for the waiver: 

  • be the legal spouse or a dependent (under the age of 24) of the employee as defined by Internal Revenue Code at 26 USC 152 (a)(1) & (2);
  • have a complete admissions application with Washburn University or Washburn Institute of Technology; and
  • have/maintain a 2.0 cumulative GPA (includes CEP and all transfer work). 

An online Application for Educational Assistance for Employee, Dependent and/or Spouse form will need to be submitted for each eligible employee, dependent and/or spouse once each semester.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

New Directions Behavioral Health Contact: 800-624-5544 or visit online at:

Program overview for individual and family services.

Employee Wellness Program

Promotes a culture of wellness by facilitating a supportive environment that encourages university faculty and staff to initiate and maintain behaviors that enhance their total health.  Washburn Employee Wellness

Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) & Health Savings Account

Employee may set aside money tax-free to help pay for expenses not covered by medical insurance, and/or dependent care services that are necessary to enable employee to work. Flexible Spending and Health Savings Accounts

Health Insurance

Dental 2022

Medical 2022

Vision 2022

Health Services

Employees may visit the  University Health Services for minor illnesses at no fee for visit.


10 or more days of paid holidays each year as designated by the Board of Regents.   E. Benefits and Regulations PDF Page 2

Lactation Rooms

Campus Locations:

  • Morgan Hall, Room 207 (For employee access to Morgan Hall after 7 p.m. please contact WUPD at 670-1153)
  • Petro/School of Nursing, Room 205 (Available during office hours, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.)
  • Washburn Tech Campus (please contact Human Resources to coordinate)

Life Insurance

Long-Term Disability Insurance

Provider is Principal. LTD Benefit Summary


Employees are provided free parking on campus.

Personal Leave


Retirement Plan

All Employees (except student employees) may contribute up to maximum allowable under IRS guidelines into the Washburn University Defined Contribution Retirement Plan on a pre-tax or post tax (Roth) basis, and/or the Washburn University 457(b) Deferred Compensation Plan.  The provider for both plans is TIAA.  

After completing 1 year of service in a benefits eligible position, the University will contribute an amount equal to 10% of base pay into the employee's Washburn University Defined Contribution Retirement Plan.  Employees with previous service at a post-secondary institution, The Washburn University Alumni Association and Foundation, or an employee of the Kansas Board of Regents, may not have to meet the 1 year of service before receiving contributions. 

Contributions are made the first pay period following eligibility.  Employees with a base salary of $85,000/year or more will also participate in a mandatory contribution.  Employer contributions are subject to a 3 year vesting period based on the length of time in a benefits eligible position.

To begin, modify or terminate your voluntary elective deferrals please complete the Salary Reduction Form For Elective Deferrals.  

If you would like assistance regarding your retirement, you can contact one of the following consultant services with regards to investment options and enrollment:

  • TIAA-contact Jeremy Kohn at or call 866-842-8604 Ext 264808.
  •  INFINITAS-contact or call 913-563-7336.

To learn more, please contact

Shared Leave

Eligible employee is provided up to 30 days paid leave of absence in a fiscal year from a shared leave pool.  Pool is created by donations of leave from employees participating in Shared Leave program.  Subject E. Benefits PDF P6

Short-Term Disability Insurance

Provider is Principal. Short-Term Disability Summary

Sick Leave 

Sick Leave program.  Subject E. Benefits Page 6

Social Security

Retirement benefits, disability benefits, medical benefits.  Visit

Unemployment Compensation

Coverage provides for unemployment insurance for employees who become and remain unemployed through no fault of their own.

Workers' Compensation

All employees are provided protection under the Workers' Compensation Act.  Compensation for medical services may be paid for on-the-job accidents.  Compensation for time the employee is unable to work may be paid after a 7 day waiting period.  If the employee is unable to return for 21 consecutive days or more, compensation will be paid for the 7 day waiting period.

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