Why Employee Wellness?

Health is important for everyone to feel their best and have an engaging, fulfilling life. The wellbeing of associates also benefits employers since healthy people tend to be more productive, miss less work, and have greater job satisfaction. With this in mind, Washburn University provides an Employee Wellness Program to provide education and create opportunities for health-promoting lifestyle choices.

What is the Goal?

The goal of the Employee Wellness Program is to provide awareness, education, and support for creating enduring healthy lifestyle habits. As a means to accomplish the goal, employees are given the opportunity to become educated about healthy lifestyle choices and participate in quality programs. These opportunities enable Washburn employees to take a proactive approach to positive lifestyle improvements.

Who is eligible?

All benefits-eligible employees of Washburn University, Washburn Institute of Technology, and the Washburn University Foundation have the opportunity to participate in the employee wellness program.

The Employee Wellness Program was established in 2006.

With better health, we can more fully engage in the kind of lives we want and can do so for longer, with less disease and illness. We also tend to be more satisfied with our jobs, are more productive, and take time off for vacations instead of sick days. Investing in our health is the single most important decision we can make because it directly affects every other area of our lives.

To serve this end, Washburn University’s Employee Wellness Program offers numerous activities, events, and wellness services to support you in your health goals. I hope you take advantage of as many opportunities as you can to learn about, and implement, the simple nutrition, exercise, and stress management choices that will create a lifetime of health.

Please feel free to reach out if you have any additional questions or if there is some other way I can help you in your endeavors.

Toward health,
Brent Trammell

The mission of the Wellness Program is to facilitate an environment encouraging faculty and staff to enhance their health. Washburn University has made a substantial investment in this program, but it is really an investment in you. Most of us spend almost as much time with our work family as we do with our own family.  We are attached to, invested in, and care about each other. Our wish for every member of the Washburn employee family is to be happy and healthy.  

Your wellness has direct benefits to Washburn University beyond how much we care about you as a person. Your health and wellness helps our university enjoy a level of energy and drive allowing us to be a culture of achievement and excellence. We want you to be at the top of your game and your health is an essential element.

If you are part of the Wellness Program, we are delighted you want to continue. Recruit a co-worker. If you are new or considering participation, just start. Do what you can to enjoy a better life.

Jerry Farley  

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