To be in compliance with Federal regulations W-9s must be obtained for payment vouchers and/or requisitions. All individuals and business must have a current W-9 on file before a check or purchase order can be processed. Each department will be responsible for obtaining the W-9 form from the vendor/or individual and submitting it with the proper paperwork to Accounting (payment vouchers) or Purchasing (Requisitions/PO). Blank W-9 forms can be downloaded or printed from the “Tax Matters” section of the university website at www.washburn.edu/faculty-staff/finance-office/forms.html

To see if a vendor has already submitted a W-9, you can access the list via my.washburn.edu, under the Finance tab titled “Vendor List”.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact purchasing@washburn.edu.

Purchasing requires all international companies to have a completed W-8-BEN-E on file prior to issuing payment. If you are unsure of whether or not one is on file please refer to the “Vendor List” on my.washburn.edu.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact purchasing@washburn.edu.

You will need to obtain a completed W-9 tax form from the vendor and send it to the Purchasing Department at purchasing@washburn.edu.
Washburn University is tax exempt. Contact purchasing@washburn.edu or 670-2333 for information on tax exemption. It is the responsibility of every employee to see that sales tax is not paid. If tax is paid, the Washburn employee is responsible to follow up with the vendor.
No, there are only four people on campus that can legally obligate the University. According to the Washburn Procedures Manual, those four people are: The President, the Vice President for Administration and Treasurer, the Controller, and the Director of Purchasing.
Email quotes to purchasing@washburn.edu. Please write the requisition number at the top of the quote.

The type of supporting documentation that is considered acceptable varies depending on the nature of the purchase. Documentations should be put in place before any products are ordered or any work is performed. Documentation should outline the terms of the purchase, date(s) if applicable, invoicing terms if applicable, and agreed upon price. The following list is not all-inclusive, but should instead be considered a guideline.



Items being purchased

Pricing information

Invoicing/Quote terms

Vendor contact information



Scope of Services

Pricing Information

Invoicing/Quote and/or payment terms

Vendor contact information

Date(s) and Time(s) of services


No, Purchasing does not pay invoices. Invoices are paid through Washburn Accounts Payable in the Finance Department.
Contact the Accounts Payable department to determine the status of the invoice.
Contact the Accounts Payable department to determine the status of the check.
Please indicate this information in the Item Text of the requisition. Purchasing will also review the quote for more specific details and format the Purchase Order accordingly. A pro forma invoice from the vendor is necessary in order for Washburn to prepay down payments. The final invoice from the vendor will be used to pay the remaining amount after the contract is fulfilled.


If you would like to purchase computer equipment (laptop, desktop, printers, peripherals, etc.) or have any questions in regards to purchasing information technology products, please contact Washburn IT. ITS will

provide a quote to support a Banner requisition. All IT products must be properly tagged by ITS before it is released to the department.

Purchasing will provide departments and/or designated individuals with a Washburn Visa card to make timely and efficient acquisitions of small dollar purchases.

The One Card is intended for business use only and does have restrictions. Please refer to the One Card section on the Purchasing website for further details.

No. If expenses must be incurred before the trip (e.g. airfare, conference registrations, hotel, etc.), the One Card is the recommended means of payment. If a personal credit card is used, reimbursement cannot occur until after the trip is complete.

Yes. If expenses must be incurred, outside of travel, the One Card or requisition are the preferred means of payment. Doing otherwise, such as through the use of a personal credit card, fails to take advantage of Washburn’s sales tax exemption and/or One Card benefits accruing to the University. As for travel, per the WUPRPM “To receive reimbursement, the Employee shall submit a travel expense report supported by documentation including, but not limited to, applicable receipts.”

The following are examples of travel expenses an employee can be reimbursed for:

  • Mileage
  • Hotel
  • Airfare
Contact Inventory Control Services 785-670-2313

GET IN TOUCH WITH the Purchasing Office

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