Residential Living at Washburn offers several Learning Community options in partnership with other university programs. A Learning Community can be defined as a hall in which students with similar interests live together and participate in programs that cater to their academic, co-curricular, and social needs. 

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This Learning Community provides First Generation students (students who neither parent or legal guardian has completed a bachelor degree, regardless if siblings or other relatives have obtained a bachelor degree) the opportunity to live and learn together.

As a member of the First Generation Learning Community you will:

  • Live in the 1st South Hall in the Living Learning Center
  • Be mentored by a first generation Washburn faculty or staff member
  • Attend monthly in-hall workshops hosted by the Center for Student Success & Retention


  • Co-enroll in a designated first generation section of WU 101, the Washburn Experience for the fall semester

The Honors Learning Community provides students the opportunity to live and interact with other high achieving students focused on scholarship & academics. This community is in partnership with the Washburn Honors Program which allows members of this hall to engage and build relationships with other members of the Honors Program along with engaging with faculty members who teach in the Honors Program.

As a member of this Learning Community you will:

  • Live in the 1st East Hall in Lincoln Hall
  • Be mentored by the Honors Learning Community RA


  • Co-enroll in a designated section of Anthropology 112 during the fall semester
  • Maintain a minimum 3.25 GPA requirement upon the time of application

The Leadership Learning Community presents students at Washburn University the opportunity to explore leadership development and concepts both in and outside of the classroom. Students in the Learning Community will live with peers who share an interest in leadership development in order to foster a community of learners within the residence halls and to connect students with similar interests.  Participants will have an academic requirement in the fall semester, and will be responsible for attending various co-curricular events in both the fall and spring semester. The Learning Community Fellow will serve as a peer-mentor to Learning Community students and will monitor academic progress and co-curricular involvement throughout the year.

As a member of this Learning Community you will:

  • Live in the 3rd South hall in the Living Learning Center
  • Be mentored by an upper-class leadership student designated as the Learning Community (LC) Resident Assistant, who offers both academic and social support
  • Engage with Leadership Institute faculty and staff, both in the classroom and at co-curricular programs and events
  • Participate in social and educational opportunities related to leadership development
  • Engage with Leadership Institute faculty and staff


  • Co-enroll in the LE100 (designated section) during the fall semester
  • Attend the Leadership Institute's Fall and Spring Orientations
  • Attend at least 2 additional leadership development opportunities each semester.  These may include:
    • Leadership Labs
    • Leadership Exchange
    • Volunteering for the Leadership Challenge Event
    • Attend lectures with guest speakers
  • Meet one-on-one with the Learning Community RA/Fellow once a semester

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Washburn Residential Living Office
Living Learning Center
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Topeka, KS 66621


Monday - Friday

8 a.m. - 5 p.m.


(785) 670-1065


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