Guidelines for VA Educational Benefits

The Department of Veterans Affairs has set regulations in regards to programs and coursework for which VA Educational Benefits can be paid. It is the responsibility of the student, along with their academic advisor, to ensure that the courses which are being taken are following a set degree plan of study. This degree plan includes courses necessary to graduate with a degree in the student's chosen field of study. Courses which are certifiable for education benefits can include elective requirements, necessary prerequisites, general education courses which are a required part of the degree path, and core courses necessary for degree completion.

The Military Benefits Specialist can only certify courses which meet the requirements necessary for degree completion. Each semester students must complete the Veterans Information Sheet and submit to the office to verify coursework is meeting requirements for the specified program of study to assure continuous benefits. 

The VA expects veterans to pursue an educational objective, file a degree plan with the Military Benefits Specialist, regularly attend classes, and make satisfactory progress.

In addition to the requirement of coursework aligning with necessary degree guidelines, below are several more important things to remember in regards to enrollment and your education benefits:
  • VA education benefits are paid based on training time/rate of pursuit, and benefit payment may be adjusted for enrollment that does not equal a full-time course load spanning the entire semester. Enrollment in short-term classes results in payment only for the duration of those courses.  Military-Students wishing to receive full monthly benefits must be enrolled fulltime, 12 or more credit hours, FOR THE ENTIRE TERM.
  • Changes in your schedule involving dropping or adding classes, enrolling in classes outside your degree plan, repeating classes, or enrolling in classes that do not span the entire semester can affect your benefits. Failure to report changes may result in an overpayment of your benefits and subsequent repayment.
  • Courses which are repeated may be certified for one repeat if the original grade was punitive (ie. a failing grade). Courses that have been successfully completed cannot be certified for VA purposes if they are repeated.
  • Audited courses cannot be certified.
  • Remedial courses can be certified if they are required and taken in an on-campus format. Please note that online remedial courses cannot be certified under VA Education Benefits.
  • The Military Benefits Specialist is required to report non-punitive grades, such as W (Withdrawn), to the VA, which may result in a repayment of funds from the student to the VA. If you have a mitigating circumstance that required you to withdraw from classes (ie. deployment, military transfer, extenuating medical or life circumstance), please contact our office for more information. With appropriate documentation provided by you, we may be able to report mitigating circumstances to the VA.
  • The Military Benefits Specialist is required to report grades of I (Incomplete) to the VA. You will have one year to obtain a letter grade for that class or face possible repayment to the VA. If you have received an Incomplete in a course, contact the office once a grade for the Incomplete is received to ensure proper notification to the VA.
  • The Military Benefits Specialist is required to report academic probation, dismissal, and graduation to the VA.
  • For students using Chapter 33 Post-9/11 benefits: The Military Benefits Specialist will certify the net in-state tuition and fee charges for your courses with the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). Any tuition charges with WU not covered by your education benefit tuition payment from the VA are your responsibility. Use of any type of tuition-paying resource, such as tuition assistance, will be deducted from the tuition amount paid by Chapter 33 benefits. If a tuition-paying resource is applied to your account at WU after your Chapter 33 benefits have been certified with the VA, this may result in a debt owed by you to the VA or WU. 
    Persons entitled to a Monthly Housing Allowance under the Post-9/11 GI Bill® (Chapter 33) must be enrolled in more than half time each semester; allowance is prorated based on rate of pursuit, e.g. ¾ or fulltime.
  • For students using Chapters 1606 or 1607: Under regulations from the Department of Defense, students cannot use Federal Military Tuition Assistance (TA) in conjunction with Chapter 1606 MGIB-Select Reserve or Chapter 1607 Reserve Educational Assistance Program (REAP). If you submit a request for Education Benefit certification but are using Federal TA for the same term, your Ed Benefits cannot be certified. If you are certified under Ed Benefits and the Military Benefits Specialist is made aware of Federal TA usage after Ed Benefit certification has been processed, we must terminate your Ed Benefit certification, which will result in a debt owed by you to the VA for any Ed Benefit payment received for a term in which Federal TA is also used.
If you have questions regarding the guidelines for benefit-eligible enrollment, please contact the Military Benefits Specialist in Morgan Hall, Room 102A (enter through the Admissions office); by phone at 785.670.2329; or by email to

GI Bill® is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). More information about education benefits offered by VA is available at the official U.S. government website at

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