Tier 1 – Annual Health Screening

The annual health screening is an important aspect of the Employee Wellness program which helps participants identify personal health risks and evaluate their progress over time. It is offered at no charge for all benefits-eligible employees.

The screening consists of a finger-stick to gather a small sample of blood to test cholesterol, triglycerides, and glucose and additional assessments including weight, waist circumference, body fat percentage, and blood pressure. All testing is performed by a third-party organization, Health Works Inc., and all information obtained is confidential. Aggregate data will be compiled but does not include personally identifiable information.


Health Screening Registration and Appointments

Annual Health Screenings are available for select mornings during the month of September.

Participants unable to attend may still complete Tier 1 by submitting screening values from an outside health care provider with the two documents below. Please return to the Assistant Director of Wellness by April 28, 2024 to qualify for the incentive reward.

Personal Wellness Profile

After screening, or submitting values from an outside provider, participants can complete a Health Risk Assessment questionnaire that will generate a Personal Wellness Profile. This is a report that organizes and explains personal health risks based on current scientific guidelines for optimal health. The assessment is provided by Wellsource Inc. For access to their privacy statement, click on the following link: Wellsource Privacy Statement

After screening concludes for the current year in September, you will receive an email link from the Assistant Director of Wellness when your Health Risk Assessment questionnaire is available for completion.

Tier 2 – Healthy Activities

After completing both components of Tier 1, use the Tier 2 Wellness Action Sheet to complete 6 healthy activities from the available choices.

Tier 3 – Healthy Behaviors

After completing the Tier 2 Wellness Action Sheet, use the Tier 3 Wellness Action Sheet to adopt or maintain 6 healthy behaviors from the available choices. The full Tier 3 incentive may alternatively be earned by completing a six-week, onsite wellness course through the Employee Wellness program, as noted on the Tier 3 Wellness Action sheet.


By sequentially completing the individual Tiers of the Employee Wellness program, participants are able to earn incentive rewards. These rewards can be designated to Bod Bucks, SRWC membership, outside gym reimbursement, or a flex spending account.

Tier 1 - $75

Tier 2 - $25

Tier 3 - $50

Who can participate in the Tiers?

All benefits-eligible employees may participate in the incentivized, Tiered aspect of the program. Please contact HR if you have questions about your employment status or benefits-eligibility. A Student Recreation and Wellness Center membership is not required.

How do employees register?

Employees wanting to participate in the Employee Wellness Program register each year by submitting a completed Employee Wellness Registration Form online or directly to the Employee Wellness Coordinator. During the registration time, a link to an online form will be email to all employees as part of the weekly wellness communications (Wellness Wednesdays). The form is also accessible on the Employee Wellness Program website and hard-copies can be obtained from the Employee Wellness Coordinator.

When can employees register?

Employees wishing to participate in the Tiered parts of the program may register each August. Employees beginning their employment with Washburn after September each fiscal year will receive information regarding the Employee Wellness Program following their official start date.

How are health screening appointments scheduled?

After submitting the online registration form, the scheduling link will display immediately and also be provided in a confirmation email. It is the employee’s responsibility to schedule their own screening appointment time according to their availability or to contact the Assistant Director of Wellness to arrange another means of scheduling.

Who administers the health screening portion of the Health Assessment?

Washburn has contracted with HealthWorks to facilitate the administration of the health screening components. HealthWorks has been providing quality health services in the Topeka area for over 15 years and has received a Wellness Councils of America Silver Award in recognition of their outstanding health and wellness program.

I recently had blood work done with an outside provider. Can I submit the results to the Employee Wellness Coordinator in lieu of completing the on-campus screening?

Employees who have had a blood lipid profile and a blood pressure test completed by a physician within the 6 months prior to completing their Personal Wellness Profile, can submit those results to the Employee Wellness Coordinator. Employees choosing this option are required to obtain an additional consent and screening values form from the Employee Wellness Coordinator, if not requested during registration.

I am concerned about confidentiality, who will see my health screening results?

HealthWorks will have access to the results of the health screenings. This information will be compiled in aggregate form (no personally identifiable information) and will be used by Washburn University to administer the Employee Wellness Program. Employees have the option to release the results of their screening to the Employee Wellness staff. This is completely voluntary and confidential. The test results are used only to evaluate the employee’s health status, needs, or progress.

Confidential individual information will not be provided to any insurance companies, life insurance companies, automobile insurance companies, any outside companies or any Washburn departments, managers, or supervisors.

How do I complete the Personal Wellness Profile portion of the Health Assessment?

The Personal Wellness Profile can be completed online or via hard copy. Instructions will be sent to employees shortly after health screenings conclude in September. Individuals choosing to complete a hard copy version of the assessment will return the completed document to the Assistant Director of Wellness. The Assistant Director of Wellness will be responsible for entering the information on behalf of employees completing hard copy versions of the assessment.

I am concerned about confidentiality, who will see my Personal Wellness Profile results?

Washburn University has teamed up with Wellsource, Inc., a company specializing in population health management systems, to provide an online health risk assessment. Wellsource retains the information employees submit in the course of taking the Personal Wellness Profile assessment. Upon the employee’s consent, the Washburn Employee Wellness Program will have access to employees’ personal information from Wellsource. Wellsource and Washburn University have contractually agreed to fully comply with laws and regulations on the use of personal information; however, both Wellsource and Washburn University are independently responsible for fully complying with privacy and security practices. Employees choosing to participate in the Employee Wellness Program agree to share their information in two forms: 1) aggregate data (individual employee’s data combined with other participating employees’ data which does not personally identify individuals. 2) personally identifiable data (data specific to and identifiable to the individual employee). Additionally, in the course of providing services associated with the Personal Wellness Profile, Wellsource may have access to personal information. Employees can delete their personal information at any time but there is no guarantee that their information in aggregate form will be completely removed from the Wellsource system.

When do I get my incentive rewards?

Incentive rewards are processed by the payroll department and will typically be issued at the same time as the last paychecks of the month. As a general guideline, the amount will be awarded the month following the individual Tier completion. This will be reflected on the accompanying pay stub.

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