Wellness Services

Group Wellness Classes Group wellness classes are an ideal way to learn the fundamentals of healthy lifestyle choices, track progress over a longer period of time, and establish the support of other participants in the program. The discussion-driven classes present a specific health topic each week and provide health coaching benefits in a fun, relaxed social setting. Group classes for general wellness, cardiovascular health, and weight management will be scheduled for Fall and Spring semesters.

Nutrition Consultations — Nutrition consultations are available to help participants improve their current dietary habits by learning about foundational nutrition principles, optimal eating patterns, balanced food ratios, and food quality. Individualized food group recommendations based on the Dietary Guidelines for Americans may also be used as a reference for health and weight management goals.

Body Composition Analysis — An InBody scanner provides comprehensive body composition analysis including body water, lean mass, and fat mass. Direct segmental measurement is used for improved precision and provides an excellent resource for tracking changes from exercise and nutrition plans.

Health CoachingHealth coaching is offered as a ongoing, individually-paced option to help improve nutrition habits, manage weight, and lower chronic disease risk. Through collaborative conversation, planning, and problem-solving, participants can strengthen their motivation and work toward personally-determined health goals.

Lunch and Learns By request, EWP staff and community partners are available for on-site presentations about a specific health topic that your group would like to learn more about. Options may include stress management, nutrition, nutritional supplements, specific diets, mental health, inflammation, weight management, back health, and more!

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