Student Organization Funding Request Process

Pre-Steps for a WSGA Funding Request

  1. Register your Student Organization with The Office of Student Involvement and Development
  2. Make sure you have a University Agency Account
  3. Contact Accounts Payable to make sure your Agency Account is correct
  4. Read WSGA’s Funding of Organizations Policy
    • An individual organization can receive a maximum of $3,000 per school year
    • All of this amount can be used for on-campus events
    • Up to $2,000 can be used for off-campus events per request
    • Up to $1,000 can be allocated for shirts per project/event. 
    • Only $300 can be allocated for advertising per project/event.
    • The maximum amount that WSGA can allocate to any one event is $8,000.

Contact Budget Director for Information at

Dynamic Funding Request Form

  1. Fill out the Dynamic Funding Request Form or email the Excel Funding Request Form.
  2. Forms are due at least 15 days prior to the start date of your eventWhen filling out the Funding Request Form and Spending Breakdown, have the following information prepared:
    • Organization Fundraising: What fundraising has the organization participated in this school year? This can include membership dues as well as traditional fundraising options such as selling t-shirts (or any item) or receiving monetary donations from the community or other companies.
    • Total Cost of Event: This is the total cost of the event or project. This can be more than $3,000, but WSGA will not give your organization more than $3,000 per year.
    • Total Cost Requested: This is the amount that you are requesting from WSGA. This cannot be more than $3,000 if it is an on-campus event, and cannot be more than $2,000 if it is an off-campus event. If your organization does not know exact costs, over-estimate and inform the Allocations Committee.
  3. Attend the Allocations Committee meeting. These meetings occur every Wednesday evening in the Lincoln Room before full Senate adjourns (upper level of the Union). Representatives from organizations are recommended to show up early and wait in the Thomas Room.
  4. At the meeting, you will present your funding request, information about your club, and the club's fundraising and community service completed in the past 12 months. Representatives should dress professionally, be punctual, and be prepared to answer questions. There is a funding deduction for not being professional. Please refer to the Funding Policy for further details.
    • At this point, the Allocations Committee will grant the funding request "favorable" or "unfavorable" status.
  5. Attend the full Senate meeting after the Allocations meeting in the Kansas Room at 6:30 p.m. to present your funding request to the Senate. (The funding request will be presented to the Senate as a bill.)
    • A member of the organization requesting funding MUST attend this meeting to answer any questions the Senate might have regarding the request.
  6.  If the bill passes, the Budget Director with communicate with you for further instruction.
  7. After your event, the Budget Director will send you a very important email which is highlighted below. The critical aspect at this point is that copies of all receipts used for the event must be turned in within 4 weeks of the event and original receipts must be turned into to the Accounts Payable office. If receipts are not turned in on time the organization may lose funding in the future. Along with the receipts, there must be a typed, filled out Debriefing statement that includes the following:
    • How the project benefited the university
    • How the project benefited your student organization
    • A categorized summary of all costs
    • The number of people who attended the event
    • The signatures of the adviser and an officer of your student organization
  8. Once an Organization has complied with the above requirements a fund transfer request will be sent to the Finance Office. This step takes around 7 business days.
  9. At this point relations with WSGA have ended. The following are requirements that the Finance Office has before an Organization will have the funds put into their account. It is the responsibility of the organization advisor and authorized student officers to complete payment vouchers for use of the WSGA funding.
    • Payment Vouchers can be obtained on the Finance Office website.
    • Original receipts or invoices must be attached to the payment voucher.
    • The organization advisor and at least one authorized student officer must sign the payment voucher. Any disbursements payable to an authorized signer must be approved by another authorized signer.
    • Payment vouchers are submitted to the Finance Office/Accounts Payable located in Morgan Hall, Room 211.
Checks are processed Tuesday and Thursday afternoon, available for mail Wednesday and Friday. Payment vouchers must be marked otherwise if not to be mailed.

Licensing, Design Help, and the Washburn Brand

Licensing and Design Help

Have questions about what companies to order your promotional materials from? Need help designing a logo or shirt or need to see if it follows Washburn's Brand Bible rules?

Contact our Marketing Director at 785.670.2323 or

Washburn Brand

Get to know YOUR Washburn University and what logos or words you can use on your promotional items with the Washburn brand guide.

Licensed Vendors for Washburn

This link will redirect you Learfield Licensing Partners where you can select "Washburn University" from a list and download an updated version of our licensed vendors. This list is constantly updated for easy use during your purchasing of promotional items.

For any other questions, concerns, or comments please contact our Budget Director at 785.670.2317 or

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