Clinical Education

Clinical Placement Procedure

After an applicant has completed the DMS application and it has been determined he/she meets the minimum admission standards, the DMS Clinical Coordinator will contact the facility the applicant observed at. If that facility agrees to take the applicant as a student sonographer, the Clinical Coordinator will then work with the facility in obtaining the necessary documents needed.  Please note that this can take a couple months to complete.  After that paperwork is completed, the Clinical Coordinator will then contact the applicant with the remaining steps to be completed by the applicant.

If the facility the applicant observed at is unwilling to take the applicant as a student, the Clinical Coordinator will send the applicant a blank observation form in which he/she will use to go observe at another facility that is close to the applicant.  After that observation, the applicant can scan and email that document to the Clinical Coordinator.  This process is repeated until either a facility agrees to host the applicant OR until the applicant cannot commute to a facility that is too far away.

Common difficulties in obtaining clinical placement:

  1. Local sonography programs already having established relationships
  2. Patient volumes do not meet CAAHEP accreditation standards
  3. Facility staff does not meet CAAHEP accreditation standards
  4. A facility may be too busy and/or unwilling to take a student due to lack of staffing
  5. A facility may have specific degree requirements for the applicant

How to improve the chances of a facility wanting a sonography student

  1. Gain employment at a hospital, particularly the sonography department if possible
  2. Get to know the sonographers at a facility
  3. Volunteer in a sonography department
  4. Complete an educational background that clinical sites prefer (x-ray, respiratory, physical therapy, nursing, or occupational therapy)
For more information, please contact the Clinical Coordinator, Terry Sorensen,


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