Clinical Experience

As part of the requirements for the MRI program, 24 hours of magnetic resonance clinical education are done weekly during fall and spring semesters. These may be arranged as either three 8-hour days or two 12-hour days pending the preference of the MR clinical site. 

You are responsible for finding an MR facility for clinical education, since you know the health care facilities in your geographical area. Give the Affiliate Information Packet to any potential clinical sites. The sites should contact the Program Coordinator, Toni Caldwell with further questions.

An affiliation agreement must be signed between the MR facility and Washburn University, so that you are covered by liability insurance.  

Clinical Education will include the following areas:

  • Imaging procedures in the categories of: head and neck, spine, thorax, abdomen and pelvis, musculoskeletal as well as special imaging procedures.
  • The ability to transfer knowledge to clinical application.
  • The development of competency in routine scans.
  • Special imaging procedures as available.
  • Quality control experience.
  • Patient safety, history, care and assessment, as well as patient education information.
  • Opportunity to evaluate the resulting MR images.
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