Credit by Exam Procedure

MR Clinical Experience

AL 349 and AL352 MR Clinical Experiences

The following must be completed in order to receive college credit at Washburn University in lieu of the clinical courses listed above.

1. Credit-by-exam Procedure

  • The process of credit-by-exam will be done to convert on-the-job experience into six (6) college credit hours at Washburn University. The process of credit-by-exam is explained in the appropriate University catalog.
  • The stated fee for credit-by-exam is one-third of the current resident tuition (not online course tuition). For information, see our tuition and fees schedule of the applicable academic year.
  • The items listed below must be submitted to the MR Program Coordinator in order for credit to be awarded.
  • With successful completion of listed didactic courses, the student will receive the MR Certificate. Certificate courses include: AL341 Cross-sectional Anatomy, AL347 MR Physics I, AL348 Imaging Procedures I, AL350 MR Physics II and AL351 Imaging Procedures II.

2. Clinical Experience credit will be awarded based on ARRT clinical competency requirements for the given calendar year.

  • Send a completed list of exams from the ARRT clinical record report sheet ( to the program coordinator via email.
  • All stated ARRT criteria must be done prior to finishing MR online didactic (lecture) courses and must be verified by the program coordinator.
  • Verification letter from the MR supervisor stating completion of a minimum of 6 months of full-time employment (or equivalent to 1,000 hours if part-time or prn status).

For questions, contact Toni Caldwell ( or 785.670.1286). 


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