Elementary Teacher Education

As a student in Washburn's elementary education teacher preparation program, you're working toward the requirements of a Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) degree and eventual K-6 licensure in the State of Kansas. 

In the process of completing the K-6 program of study, teacher candidates may choose one of six emphasis areas, completed within your degree. That emphasis can lead to a second teaching endorsement and makes the licensed graduate qualified to teach in more than one area.

Available emphasis areas:

The following are OPTIONAL for those interested in a second endorsement while pursuing the B.Ed. in Elementary Education. These courses are in addition to those required for the B.Ed. in Elementary Education. 

Middle School English (5-8 grades Kansas license)

_____EN 133 Stories Around the World or English literature equivalent. (Explore your options at the English Department website.)  (3)

_____EN 310 English Grammar/Linguistics (3)

_____EN 320 Teaching Young Adult Literature (3)

_____EN 330 American Literature through 1865 (3)

_____ED 340 Teaching Adolescents in Mid Level and ED 348 Mid Level English/LA Practicum (3) ED 340 and ED 348 will be taken in semester prior to Student Teaching

_____ED 415 5th-8th Student Teaching (4)

Middle School History (5-8 grades Kansas license)

_____HI 101 Changing World History (3)

_____HI 112 History of the US II (3)

_____HI 303 Colonial America or any 300 level American History (3)

_____HI 322 Kansas History (3)

_____ED 340 Teaching Adolescents in Mid Level and ED 346 Middle Level History Practicum (3) ED 340 and ED 346 will be taken in semester prior to Student Teaching

_____ED 415 5th -8th Student Teaching (4)

Middle School Mathematics (5-8 grades Kansas license)

_____MA 230 Math for Middle and Secondary Teachers (4) spring only

_____MA 117 Trigonometry

_____MA 140 Statistics (3) MA 116 is prerequisite

_____MA 204 Number Theory/Discrete (3) spring only

_____MA 320 Math for Middle School (3) even-years fall only 

_____ED 340 Teaching Adolescents in Mid Level(2) and ED 349 Middle Level Math Practicum (1) ED 340 and ED 349 are taken in the semester prior to student teaching block.

Your math requirements will be different than other Elementary Education majors. View the full degree plan for this endorsement as a PDF.

High Incidence Special Education

Required for a provisional license and admission to a Master of Education program with an emphasis in high incidence special education.

_____SE 420 Educational Planning (3) summer only

_____SE 430 Methods and Materials (3) fall only

_____SE 440 Individual and Group Management (3) fall only

_____SE 456 Special Education Practicum (4)

English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) (P-12 license level)

_____ED 461 ESOL Assessment (3) fall only

_____ED 463 ESOL Teaching and Learning (3) fall only

_____ED 450 Methods and Cross Cultural Communication (3) spring only

_____ED 464 ESOL Practicum (3)

_____ED 466 Linguistics (3)

_____ED 440 P-12 Student Teaching (4)

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