The Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree (B.F.A.) is regarded as a professional preparation program. It is particularly suited to the student who intends to follow a career in the visual arts, including 

graphic design, photography, web design, animation, fine arts or crafts. The degree consists of 86 hours in Art, 6 hours English Composition 101 & 300, 2 hours KN 198, 3 hours MA 110 or higher, 27 hours 
general education (9 hours from each of the divisions), and 45 hours in upper division work. Note: All 45 hours of upper division credits can be obtained in Art.All BFA students must enter the Juried Student Exhibition at least twice during their academic career.

Major Requirements

AR 101 Survey of Art History I (3) 
AR 102 Survey of Art History II (3) 
AR 120 Design I: 2-D (3) 
AR 121 Design II: 3-D (3) 
AR 131 Basic Digital Art Media (3) 
AR 140 Drawing I (3) 
AR 141 Drawing II (3) 
AR 219 Introduction to Printmaking (3) 
AR 220 Darkroom Photography I (3) 
AR 223 Graphic Design I (3) 
AR 240 Painting I (3) 
AR 340, 342,  or 345 Advanced Painting Elective 
AR 260 Ceramics I (3) 
AR 262 Sculpture I (3) 
AR 300 Criticism (3)   OR    AR 307 Art Since 1945 (3) 
AR 343 Figure Drawing (3) 
AR 402 Art Forum 
300-level Art History elect. (3) 
Design Elective (3) 
Printmaking Elective (3) 
3-D Design Elective (3) 
AR 403 Workshops (6) 
Studio Electives (18) 
400 Senior Exhibit (1) 
402 Art Forum (1) 
=86 hours

Students seeking a B.F.A. degree must apply for admission to the B.F.A. Program (sophomore level)

Students must meet the following criteria for admission to the BFA program:

1. GPA of 2.8 or above in art courses.

2. Completion of or concurrent enrollment in the following art courses: 
    AR 101 Survey of Art History 
    AR 102 Survey of Art History II 
    AR 131 Basic Digital Art Media 
    AR 140 Drawing I 
    AR 141 Drawing II 
    AR 120 Design I: 2-D 
    AR 121 Design II: 3-D
    Two 200 level courses

3. Portfolio Submission, including:

  • A statement of professional intent
  • Transcript of all college courses
  • Portfolio of 10 digital images on CD (see admission application link for image guidelines)

Portfolios will be evaluated for evidence of technical proficiency, effective visual design, originality, and expression. Students will be notified of acceptance or non-acceptance prior to the subsequent semester's enrollment period. Candidates may reapply for the BFA admission one time. Candidates are encouraged to apply to the BFA program as soon as they are qualified so they may better plan their course selections.

Senior exhibition is an exit requirement for the B.F.A. and must be completed during the senior year.

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