Mentoring Program

Welcome to the Washburn University School of Nursing Mentoring Program. This program fosters positive and meaningful relations between students. Peer mentors are a resource to mentees in helping them achieve mutual academic goals and build a support system for their journey through nursing school.

  1. What is a Mentee?
  2. How can I join as a Mentee?
  3. What is a Mentor?
  4. Why be a Mentor?
  5. What do I do as a Mentor?
  6. What are my responsibilities as a Mentor?
  7. What's the criteria to be a Mentor?

What is a Mentee?

A mentee is a person who chooses to expand their knowledge and competencies to make the most of their Washburn University School of Nursing experience.  Mentees collaborate with a peer mentor by maintaining regular contact and meeting in-person to work on mutually identified goals. 

How can I join as a Mentee?

Click on the "Sign Up Here" on the bottom of this webpage and complete the application form.

What is a Mentor?

A mentor is a guide, confidant, or facilitator who creates a supportive climate for learning and growth.  Mentors are eager to give back to their fellow students in their majors by sharing their own knowledge and experiences.

Why be a Mentor?

Being a mentor can help a student grow and develop into a professional, it is an investment in your future.  By sharing your wisdom and expertise you connect with fellow nursing students and develop valuable leadership skills.

What do I do as a Mentor?

As a mentor you will teach your mentee how to navigate through nursing school and understand the future steps.  You will serve as a coach and support system and be a positive role model.  

What are my responsibilities as a Mentor?

As a Mentor you will initiate contact with your mentee within one week of assignment to set up an in-person meeting.  If contacts have failed after three attempts notify the Advisor, Susan Maendele.  You will also be responsible for follow-up phone and email contacts starting on a weekly basis.

What's the criteria to be a Mentor?

  • Must be a current Level 2 or above nursing major and have knowledge of the School of Nursing.
  • Willing to invest time, energy and interest in the support of a nursing student
  • Understanding and participation in academic and/or social activities is encouraged
  • Possess a sense of enthusiasm and humor
  • Abide by the School of Nursing Academic Integrity Policy

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