If you encounter questions regarding Financial Aid at Washburn, please refer to the questions below for more information. If you need assistance regarding these questions or others, please contact the Financial Aid Office at 785.670.1151 or via email.


Any student who feels they need financial assistance to attend college should apply for aid. To be eligible for federal aid, you must:

  • Be a US citizen or qualified non-citizen
  • Meet Satisfactory Academic Progress standards
  • Be degree-seeking student in an eligible program
  • Not enrolled in elementary or secondary school
  • Registered with selective service (males only)
  • Not owe a refund on Title IV assistance

The Financial Aid Office will confirm all applicants’ eligibility requirements as your aid is being processed.

You can apply by completing the electronic Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) on the Department of Education's FAFSA webpage. For 2024-25 only, the FAFSA will open in December due to federal changes in the process. A specific date hasn’t been set yet. Washburn's Federal School Code is 001949. The priority date for the following academic year is May 1st.

FAFSA How To Video

For 2024-2025 only, May 1st is Washburn University's priority date for limited federal and state financial aid funds. You can apply beginning in December and should do so as early as you can. Limited funds include the Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (SEOG), Federal Work Study and the Kansas Comprehensive Grant. All other federal financial aid funds are available after the priority date.
 Washburn University’s federal school code is 001949.
No. The tax year is not optional for the FAFSA. Per federal regulations, applicants are required to use tax information from two years prior. If you have a special circumstance that is not taken into consideration by FAFSA, contact the Financial Aid Office at 785.670.1151 or financialaid@washburn.edu.

If you filed single in the previous tax year and have since gotten married, you will complete the FAFSA with a marital status of married and add your spouse's tax information from the required tax year on the FAFSA.

If you filed married in the previous tax year and have since gotten divorced or separated, you will need complete the FAFSA with a marital status of divorced/separated and use your income information from the required tax year on the FAFSA.

Yes. There are computers available in Morgan Hall in first floor hallway between the Student One Stop and the Cashiers' window.  Students may use the computers to complete any of the financial aid process, including:

  • Filling out the FAFSA
  • Completing the Master Promissory Note
  • Completing entrance counseling and other processes

There are three ways to know if the Financial Aid office needs information from you:

  • Letter in the mail requesting additional information
  • Email requesting additional information
  • MyWashburn under the Financial Services tab under “Financial Aid Requirements”

Award process

Because every student’s situation is different, processing time will vary. A few of the factors that can affect processing time are:

  • if a student is selected for verification
  • how quickly all requested documents are submitted to our office
  • when the FAFSA was originally submitted
In order to ensure your aid is finalized and available to release by the first disbursement date, check your MyWashburn account frequently.  Although the Financial Aid Office will try to keep in touch with you, it is your responsibility and important that you make sure all documents are submitted in a timely manner and that your file is both accurate and complete.
  • Login to MyWashburn
  • Select the Financial Services tab
  • Select the Financial Aid Awards link in the far left column
  • Select the correct aid year and submit.  
  • Select the Terms and Conditions tab (All students must read and accept the terms and conditions before accepting your financial aid)
  • Select the Accept Award Offer tab to accept/decline award.
Usually it is due to your enrollment being less than full-time as all financial aid awards are offered based upon full-time status. Please contact our office so we may determine the actual cause for the reduction in aid at 785.670.1151 or the Student One Stop on the first floor of Morgan Hall.
There are several reasons aid may not have been disbursed when expected. Check the Financial Services tab on your MyWashburn for any red flags or messages. If you do not see any outstanding requirements, please contact the Financial Aid office at 785.670.1151 or visit us in the Student One Stop on the first floor of Morgan Hall.

If you have successfully completed all hours you enrolled in for the fall semester, you do not need to do anything to receive your spring awards.

Please contact our office if you have:

  • dropped
  • failed any classes
  • been notified of loss of eligibility

There may be additional steps that need to be completed to receive your aid. 

Yes, this process must be repeated annually. You’ll want to be sure to apply for financial aid after October 1 as soon as possible each year. If you are receiving academic scholarships, you will also need to compete the Academic Scholarship Renewal Application for Washburn University as soon as possible. The priority deadline for the 2024-2025 FAFSA is May 1st. The priority date for Academic Scholarship Renewal is December 1. The Academic Scholarship Renewal form will be available at a later date.

Student employment

You can find job listings on your MyWashburn account.

Go to the Financial Services tab and look on the center of the page.

Under Student Employment Information, you will see the link titled Search Student Job Vacancies. Each job listing will state whether you need to be Federal Work study eligible, or if it is a departmental job. The Federal Work Study Program is only available to undergraduate students.

Any student may apply for a departmental job, but you must have an award for Federal Work Study listed on your Awards from the Financial Aid department to be eligible for jobs listed as FWS.

The contact person will be listed, and many times the method of application will be in the job description. Most student jobs start at the current minimum wage, which is now $7.25 per hour. The maximum hours a student may work is 20 hours per week, however, many of the jobs on campus are for less than the maximum.

We also recommend you sign up with Career Engagement. This is a great place to look for jobs off-campus. International students may not work off-campus. 

After you have been hired by a department, please make an appointment to complete your employment forms through your MyWashburn portal. A social security card will be needed to complete the requirements, along with whichever identification you choose for your I-9 form.

Please bring a blank check or your banking information on another bank document, if you are interested in setting up Direct Deposit with payroll.   

International students

In addition to the Social Security card, you are REQUIRED to bring your Passport, I-94 and I20 forms.  If you do not have a Social Security card, you need to contact International House

You will be emailed a link to complete your "New Hire Onboarding Tasks" online. One of the tasks requires you to schedule a meeting with HR to complete your form I-9. You must bring appropriate documentation with you to this meeting. Documents must be original and unexpired. You may not begin work until you have completed all your onboarding tasks. The student employment coordinator will notify your supervisor directly once you are authorized to begin work.  

International students

In addition to the Social Security card, you are REQUIRED to bring your Passport, I-94 and I-20 forms. If you do not have a Social Security card, you need to contact the International House


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