Hello, and welcome to the Washburn University and Washburn Institute of Technology!

Washburn offers the WU-Visitor network for guests who don't have a washburn.edu account. Its access is limited to five days at a time and it allows access only to the Internet and public systems.

If you have trouble registering for or using the Washburn secure wireless networks, contact ITS User Services at (785) 670-3000 or visit us in Bennett 104 on the Washburn University campus or Building A East, room 115, on the Washburn Tech campus.

Before you start

  • Please read the on-screen instructions given on your device as you go through the steps to connect. The system detects what kind of computer, phone, or tablet you have and takes different steps for different platforms.
  • You may need your computer's administrative password or device's passcode to make changes to your device. All Apple computers and phones will require a password or passcode if you have one.
  • Android and Kindle users will need to download an app called Cloudpath from the Google Play or Amazon Kindle stores. Just install it — but don't open the app — the connection utility will do that for you.

1. Start out by connecting to the WU-WiFi network. WU-WiFi is a special open network that's the stepping-stone to the secure networks. If your device doesn't display the campus registration portal automatically, open your device's web browser and enter wifi.washburn.edu. The registration portal is a series of screens that take your information, and help you set up your computer or device.

2. Click the box next to I agree to abide by the policies given above. We know you probably don't want to read all that, but we hope you will. Those policies exist to keep us all safe. Then click Start.

wireless network registration screenshot

3. Some devices will now show a screen with a button to download the Cloudpath app or other instructions specific to that device. If you see a download button, download the app but don't open or run it — instead come right back to your browser and click Continue to proceed with registration. (Not all device types will show a screen like this.)

Examples of device-specific screens
Examples of device-specific screens. Not all users will see a screen like this.

4. Click the button that says Visitor.  (If you do have a washburn.edu e-mail address, register as a Student, Faculty or Staff.)

 visitor button screenshot

5. Enter your full name. (The form requires you to enter at least two words.) 

name registration screenshot

6. The next screen gives you choices to pass the verification process. 

  • Send to E-mail — enter your personal email address.
  • Send Text Message — enter your mobile phone number. If your phone number is not a U.S. number, pick the country code proper to your number. Note that wireless messaging charges may apply if you use a text (SMS) message.
  • I already have a verification code — ITS or a conference organizer may have already given you a verification code to enter. Or you may have already sent yourself a code from a previous attempt. Except for some conference ID codes, a code entered here may be used only once.

When ready to continue, click Continue.

 send verification screenshot

7. You will shortly receive a text or e-mail message with your verification code:

text verification screenshot


email verification screenshot

8. Enter the verification code and press Continue.

verification code screenshot

9. Use the Passcode on this page as the Passcode to the WU-Visitor Wireless Network when connecting.

Screenshot of a screen that says a passcode has been generated
For best reliability, go back into your wireless settings and delete or forget the WU-WiFi network. You're done with it.


Email the Technology Support Center
Email ITS Support

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