Register a current device

Devices on Washburn University's wired (Ethernet) network must be registered in our Network Access Control system (Network Sentry). Self-registration of wired devices is not possible, but ITS User Services will be glad to get this registered for you. Please follow these steps to get your device online!

  1. Ensure the device is plugged into an ethernet port
  2. Obtain the wired MAC address from the device. View instructions on how to find a MAC address on most common devices.
  3. From your Washburn e-mail account send an email to
    1. Include the wired MAC address you found in Step 2
    2. Include your building and room number, example: Lincoln 201, etc.
    3. Include what type of device this is, example: PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Sony TV, etc.
  4. Allow 24 hours for registration to be completed, or next business day if on a weekend.
If there are any difficulties with the connection someone from ITS Network Operations may wish to meet you in your room, if that is necessary they will communicate with you to setup a time.


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