8 Dimensions of Wellness

Wellness is simply pursuing health while not compromising well-being; it’s balancing function and feeling across diverse aspects of life. We all have objective goals we’d like to achieve, but the strategies we choose to get there will have a subjective impact on us. To be truly well, how we do things will be just as important as what we’re trying do.

The idea isn’t to always be working on every aspect of our wellness, but to ensure every aspect of our wellness is working for us. The information below can help create a foundational framework for what wellness might look like across all 8 dimensions:

Physical – taking care of the body with nutrition, exercise, and sleep

Environmental – ensuring that personal and global surroundings are safe and supportive of our lives

Occupational – having motivating, interesting, and meaningful work

Financial – managing money in a way that doesn’t contribute to stress or hardship

Social – making positive connections that foster communication and support

Emotional – cultivating responses that can accommodate life’s challenges

Intellectual – being open to new ideas, thinking critically, and expanding skills and knowledge

Spiritual – finding purpose and meaning in life

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