About WSGA

The Washburn Student Government Association (WSGA), established in 1909, exists to represent and promote the best interests of Washburn students. Both the legislative and the executive branches of WSGA seek to create an environment that promotes academic excellence and extracurricular involvement. Additionally, WSGA serves as the liaison between the student body and the university administration.

The Executive Branch

The Executive Branch is made up of the Student Government President and Vice President who are elected each spring, and the executive staff that they appoint.

The Legislative Branch

The Legislative Branch is comprised of 34 senators, each serving a one-year term. 27 senate seats are elected in general elections each spring, with five seats set aside for freshman senators elected in the fall. The remaining two seats are filled through an open-seat process available in the fall for transfer students.

  • Community Service Opportunities
  • Safe Ride
  • Student Handbooks and Planners
  • Student Development and Initiative Grants
  • Student Organization Advertising
  • Student Organization Funding
  • WSGA Sponsored Events
    • CAB Events
    • Homecoming
    • Lecture Series
    • Washburn's Big Event: Bods into the Streets
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