Curriculum and Instruction

The Master of Education degree in Curriculum and Instruction is designed for classroom teachers wanting to increase discipline specific knowledge and skills. As such the Curriculum and Instruction degree offers a number of course options. Currently, students may choose the Curriculum and Instruction option with an educational technology or literacy emphasis. A total of 36 credit hours is required for program completion. Students complete a graduate core of courses of 12-15 credit hours, and select the remaining hours in consultation and approval of an advisor.

Student Learning Outcomes for MEd – Curriculum & Instruction

Candidates completing a Curriculum and Instruction program, upon graduation, are expected to have:

• Developed the ability to demonstrate the use of the central concepts, tools of inquiry, and structures of the specific discipline area to create meaningful learning opportunities for all students

• Developed the ability to provide learning opportunities within the discipline that addresses different approaches to learning and create instructional opportunities that are equitable, based on developmental levels, and that are adapted to diverse learners, including those with exceptionalities

• Developed the ability to plan effective instruction based upon the knowledge of all students, community, subject matter, and curriculum outcomes

• Acquired the ability to understand the role of technology within the discipline, and be able to demonstrate skills using instructional tools and technology to gather, analyze, and present information, enhance instructional practices, facilitate professional productivity and communication, and help all students use instructional technology effectively; and

• Acquired the ability to understand and use formal and informal assessment strategies to evaluate and ensure the continual intellectual, social, and other aspects of personal development of all learners.


The Curriculum and Instruction program with an Emphasis in Instructional Technology is designed for educators interested in gaining knowledge about technology integration to support teaching and learning.

The primary mission of the program is to develop educational leaders (teachers, administrator, and other educators) who are able to enhance curriculum and empower students using appropriate and effective instructional technologies. The program focuses on the appropriate, effective, and creative integration of technologies in all content areas and at all levels.

Graduate students in the program:

• Develop skills and knowledge in the use of technology resources to support student learning.

• Examine how technology is changing the face of education and how those technologies can address diverse learners and learning situations.

• Innovate. Current and emerging technologies demand that educators be reflective in the choice of methods, materials, technologies, and assessments to enhance and improve the teaching and learning process.

The program provides a broad range of experiences for developing the skills, attitudes, and values of a reflective professional.
Educational Technology Program Sheet


The Curriculum and Instruction program with an Emphasis in Literacy is designed for educators interested in gaining knowledge and skills about literacy to enrich classroom teaching and learning. The program design is tailored to the specific needs of a student pursuing a Master of Education degree in literacy. Students select four options from the literacy and related courses approved by their program advisor to round out the 36 hour program. Independent Study topics must be approved by the program advisor and Department Chair.

Literacy Program Sheet

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