Physics Students

The Physics & Astronomy Department offers scholarship money for new and returning physics majors. 

Scholarships of up to $2000 per year are available for the study of physics at Washburn University. Physics scholarships are linked in the amount to ACT scores and are in addition to those awarded by Washburn University.

Qualification Criteria

Scholarships recipients will be selected from those applicants who satisfy the criteria listed below.

  1. At least a "B" average in all completed high school work;
  2. At least a "B" average in all completed college work for transfer students;
  3. and a combined ACT score of 25 or above

Recipients are expected to declare a major in physics, enroll in MA 151 or higher-numbered mathematics course in the fall semester, and enroll in PS 281 in the spring semester. Half of the scholarship is awarded for the first semester at Washburn University, with the remainder awarded at the beginning of the spring semester, provided that the mathematics course is passed with a grade of "B" or better.

Continuation Criteria at Washburn University

The scholarship may be extended for up to three years and may be graduated. For consideration of the year-by-year extension, the student must make progress toward the major in physics by satisfying the criteria listed below.

  1. Enrolled in at least one physics course at the level of PS 281 or higher each semester during the previous year;
  2. Maintain a 3.00 GPA in physics and overall in courses taken at Washburn University;
  3. and enroll in 12 credit hours each semester

If you qualify, please print and fill out this form, and mail the completed form with supporting documentation to

Dr. Karen Camarda
Physics & Astronomy Department
Washburn University
1700 College Ave.
Topeka, KS 66621

Pre-engineering Students

Washburn University has numerous scholarship opportunities available to students. Scholarships reserved exclusively for pre-engineering students are also available. Additional financial assistance through other scholarships, grant-in-aid, student loans, and work opportunities are available. All scholarships require completion of the Washburn University Scholarship Application. Detailed information is available from the Financial Aid Office here at Washburn University. 

The Engineering Scholarship application (PDF) is open to all prospective and current University students.

GET IN TOUCH WITH Physics & Astronomy Department

Physics & Astronomy Department
Stoffer Science Hall, Room 210
1700 SW College Ave.
Topeka, KS 66621

Phone & Email
Phone: 785.670.2141

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