A DNP nurse being instructed on proper technique for checking reflexes with an older patient.

Clinical Courses

In population-focused clinical and residency courses, students will work side-by-side with expert preceptors in their practice specialties and in their geographic areas. We encourage students to complete their direct care clinical hours in a variety of settings using a variety of preceptors. Preceptors can be experts who are educationally prepared as an APRN, MD, or DO.  Finding the right preceptor can be a challenge. We believe that adopting a faculty-student team approach to securing preceptors creates the best possible learning opportunity. All preceptor placements must be approved by DNP Program faculty.

Faculty will coordinate with students and preceptors to hold virtual clinical site visits during each clinical course. Students in both the FNP and PMHNP tracks are expected to see patients across the lifespan. Each specialty track requires a minimum program total of 1000 direct care hours. Students entering the program with a nurse practitioner certification will receive 500 hours of credit toward the 1000+ direct care clock hour total.

You will learn more about practicum and residency courses during the On-Campus Experiences, through resources available on the online learning platform and from your advisor.  

At a minimum students must be licensed as an RN in the state in which they plan to complete their clinical courses. Look here for more information about your state.

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