Preceptors are key to student success and your clinical expertise is invaluable to the student learning. For further information, see the following resources:

DNP Preceptor Handbook

The preceptor handbook contains a description of the program, graduate program outcomes, preceptor guidelines, curriculum overview and student Code of Professional Conduct and student academic integrity policy.

National Organization of Nurse Practitioner Faculty (NONPF) Vignettes

After clicking the above link, scroll down on the NONPF page to view the following vignettes:

  • Precepting the Primary Care NP Student
  • Working with the Overly Confident NP Student
  • Working with the Overly Sensitive NP Student

The vignettes provide examples of the preceptor role and how to handle challenging situations with student learners.

Using Medatrax for completion of the Preceptor Evaluation of the Student

Preceptors will use the Medatrax system to provide midterm and final evaluations of the student clinical experience.  The following video provides instruction on using the Medatrax system.  Medatrax video tutorial

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