Transfer BSW Students

We’re excited that you are considering a Bachelor of Social Work degree. 

There are incredible opportunities to get involved with our faculty, student organizations, fellow students, and alumni.  These connections will help you build a rich network of colleagues and mentors that can assist you in finding internships, part-time employment and eventually full-time opportunities within your field.  

Students transferring to Washburn University from a different university or community college, and students changing majors within Washburn University, can immediately declare a major in social work and are identified with Pre-BSW status. The BSW director or assigned social work faculty advisor will work with students to create individualized degree plans and provide them with an estimate of anticipated completion of all BSW and university graduation requirements. Under certain circumstances, it may be possible for transfer/change of major students to obtain a BSW degree with an additional 2 or 2 ½ years of full-time coursework. Considerations for condensing a student’s program by waiving pre-requisite requirements for certain classes include but are not limited to: a review of all transcripts, accumulation of approximately 60 hours of college credit, cumulative GPA from all college/university coursework, and input from the BSW Director and/or the Department Chair. Students working to complete a condensed social work course of study should apply for Formal Admission to the BSW program in the fall semester after transferring/changing major and must meet all requirements at the time of application. More information regarding BSW Formal Admission can be found in the BSW Handbook.  Students who are ineligible for a condensed social work program will develop an appropriate degree plan with their social work faculty advisor to determine the best timeline for successful completion of the BSW degree.

Want to learn more?  Don’t hesitate to contact us directly at or 785-670-1616

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