What is WU Moves? 

The WU Moves Community Wellness Program (WU Moves) is an interdisciplinary approach to providing individualized health and wellness services to low-income individuals within the Topeka community. 

The program combines the expertise of the Kinesiology Department at Washburn University with students and faculty in Nursing, Allied Health, Psychology, and Social Work to provide no-cost wellness services for people in the Topeka area. 

WU Moves has provided no-cost wellness support in the community since 2016. The WU Moves facility is located in the Petro Allied Health Center on the Washburn campus.

WU Moves client on treadmill, trainer looking on.

Who can benefit from WU Moves?

WU Moves clients are individuals with low and/or fixed income. Clients experience at least one common chronic condition, such as:

  • cardiovascular disease (CVD)
  • diabetes
  • obesity
  • metabolic syndrome
  • hypertension
  • depression / anxiety

WU Moves client exercising on eliptical bike

What is the WU Moves treatment approach?

This program uses preventative lifestyle measures and individualized treatment protocols for those who suffer from common chronic conditions. Treatment typically involves implementing fitness and nutrition programs, weight management counseling, stress management services, and ongoing health education.

WU Moves student coach demonstrates an exercise with a weighted hoop around her waist for a client in the gym.

Who works with WU moves clients?

Faculty in Kinesiology and Nursing oversee this program. Student workers, student volunteers, and interns are responsible for much of the implementation, client interaction, organization, and equipment and room maintenance. 

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