Why major in Mass Media with a concentration in advertising and public relations at Washburn?

If you want to get the right message about a product, service or organization to the right audience, the Washburn Mass Media concentration in advertising and public relations is a great option. You’ll get a broad range of experiences and opportunities outside the classroom, and a strong foundation of both theory and project-based practice in the classroom. Our rich community partnerships often mean you’ll see the results of your project in use in the community. You’ll graduate with workplace experience and a work-ready portfolio, too.
Career Forecast Growing OutlookAverage Salary for managers $141,490on campus
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What sets Washburn Mass Media apart?

You’ll learn from faculty members with extensive industry experience, not from graduate students.

You’ll graduate and begin your job search with a professional portfolio and at least one internship experience.

As a Film and Video Student, you’ll be involved in all aspects of the annual WIFI Film Festival.

Study abroad and experiential learning are embraced by the department, with scholarship support. The Disney Experience includes Disney's leadership academy and a behind-the-scenes look at what makes Disney one of the most successful media companies in the world.

You’ll be eligible for academic scholarships and project leadership opportunities through the department. As an Advertising and Public Relations student, you will complete client projects through the Topeka Advertising Federation, build a real-world professional network, and participate in local and national advertising competitions.

Low-cost and no-cost for textbooks in your major courses. (A recent review showed 60 percent of Mass Media courses require no textbook expense. In another 37 percent of our courses, textbook cost is low.)

Set for success

CAREER FORECAST: growing outlook

Job Placement


of graduates begin their careers in a media industry role.

Student/faculty ratio


Graduate in four years

More than half of all mass media majors graduate in four years.

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