In 2013-2014, TRANE Company installed new equipment and building automation controls in 7 campus buildings and made scheduling and set point adjustments in most of the remaining buildings on campus.  Washburn has entered into an energy performance contract with Trane through USBank. Energy efficiency savings projected at $617,880.00 per year will be used to pay the debt over a 15 year timeframe. The Measurements and verification will be performed by the Facilities Energy Coordinator to ensure the system is operating within the timeframe and meets the contract set. 

In implementing this policy all space temperatures will be maintained as close to the standards of comfort as possible, however due to the age of some of the heating and cooling systems and the inability to control temperatures at all individual room levels, occupants may experience a few degrees on either side of the set point.

  • According to the ASHRE standards of comfort, space temperatures will be targeted for 68/70° during the heating season and 72/74° during the cooling season during occupied hours. The target temperatures are within the range that is acceptable to 80% of the building occupants per ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 55-2004, Thermal Environmental Conditions for Human Occupancy.
  • Office area set points may have the ability to be adjusted +/-2°F at the room sensor.
  • If the space temperature drops below 68° or is above 76° please contact Facilities Services by filling out an I-Service work request form. Facilities Services should also be notified via I-Service work request of humidity or other problem conditions.
  • During unoccupied timeframes room temperatures are programmed to set back. Unless notified most areas are unoccupied during session breaks, on holidays or overnight.
  • Pre-scheduled occupied hours are 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. for office spaces and academic spaces vary by building. Changes to the “occupied” schedules in academic spaces must be communicated to Facilities Services through the Scheduling Office AT LEAST 24-hours in advance.
  • Please contact the Scheduling Office at 785-670-1725 to schedule HVAC for events after normal hours. A reminder may be sent to the Energy Coordinator to request a confirmation of HVAC occupancy.
  • An “occupied” request button is available on some thermostats. Hold the button (with a picture of a person in a house) down for 5-7 seconds to activate a 2-hour occupied status.
  • Incandescent lamps and portable appliances (except coffee/tea makers) are prohibited due to fire code, health and safety considerations, energy conservation and the campus sustainability plan.
  • Energy-efficient table or pedestal lamps and fans may be permitted with prior approval and are considered acceptable solutions to increase your sense of comfort by improving air movement. A complimentary energy audit can be used to demonstrate the power consumed in order to create an awareness of the burden some energy consuming devices can create.
  • ENERGY STAR certified and EPEAT-registered office equipment should be purchased whenever possible.
  • Occupants who have adjusted the temperature should set it back when they leave or if they will be away for a few days.
  • When leaving an area please remember to shut off the lights that do not have automatic controls, if unsure manually shut them off.
  • Power management settings on computers are already centrally controlled by the ITS department and meets ENERGY STAR standards.  This saves the University up to $35 per computer annually.

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Contact Kristine Hicks, Facilities Services Energy/Sustainability Coordinator 785.670.1132.

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