There are lots of resources for faculty and staff members at Washburn. Whether you're not feeling well or need to produce a mailing, you're covered.

This list includes some common support offices and their phone extension. If calling off campus, the phone numbers all begin with (785) 670.

Need technology support? Call the Help Desk at x 3000

Need to mail or print? Call UMAPS. Mail - 1606 Print - 1605

Need to get fit? Call SRWC - 1314

Need to see a nurse practitioner? Call Student Health Services - 1470

Have a maintenance concern or need a key? Call Facilities Services - 1149

Have a question about benefits? Call Human Resources - 1538

Have a question about payroll or other financial matter? Call the Finance Office - 2284

Have a concern you want to share with Staff Council or Faculty Senate?

Want to know where your closest tornado shelter is? Contact Safety Planning and Emergency Management - 1779

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