Facilities Services Department

Facilities Services employs over fifty well-trained staff members dedicated to providing all students, faculty and staff with a comfortable living and learning environment.  The Department is responsible for the construction, renovation, operation, maintenance, grounds and landscaping, and custodial service for the University.

Our mission statement is to support and extend Washburn University's focus of excellence in teaching, and the effective delivery of quality academic programs.  This mission is accomplished through the exceptional delivery of services in a timely and cost-effective manner along with great customer service.

Facilities Services staff members strive to maintain an efficient, safe, clean, attractive, and inviting environment for all stakeholders associated with Washburn University.  Facilities Services also provides the necessary services to facilitate usage by the external community.

Services Provided

24-Hour Emergency Service

Campus Parking Map (Revised January 2024)

Building Floor Plans are accessible by Washburn faculty and staff who may view and print the plans for the Washburn and Washburn Institute of Technology campus.  The Facilities Plan Book which was revised May 2024 are located in the public folder on the s: drive.

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