Main Office: 785.670.1149

Shelby Peek, Key Coordinator Locks & Keys 785.670.1549
               Out of office Noon to 1 pm for lunch.
Margo Stewart, Accounts Payable 785.670.1548

Custodial Services & Grounds:

Debra Youngs, Custodial Supervisor, days 785.670.3132
James Staehli, Custodial Supervisor, nights 785.670.1554
Stephen Kline, Chief Groundskeeping Services 785.670.2056

Construction Services:

Ron Hesse, Director of Campus Planning and Project Management 785.670.1854
Lynn Crippen, Senior Project Coordinator 785.670.1552
Tamara Hampton, Senior Project Coordinator 785.670.1848


Matt Harden, Assistant Director 785.670.1845
Dale Pennington, Maintenance Manager 785.670.1551
Cory Blankley, Maintenance Supervisor 785.670.1547

Eric Moss, Director 785.670.1880
Matt Harden, Assistant Director 785.670.1845
Tammy Stroth, Accounts & Office Manager 785.670.1148

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