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College is all about balancing responsibilities, time management, and pursuing your passions. On-campus student employment provides Ichabods opportunities to work around hectic schedules, gain valuable hands-on work experiences, and utilizes your degree and/or learn more about other degrees that may be of interest. We have two different categories of student employment and a variety of positions available.

2022 Student Employees of the Year

Bryn Aytes

Bryn Aytes

Producer and Video Surveillance Assistant
Information Technology Services

"Bryn is a valued member of Information Technology Services and has worked for the department since 2019. During this time, he has worked on the video surveillance system and he took over day-to-day operations of the system for six months when his supervisor resigned and the position was restructured. Bryn also led the sports video crew as a student producer. In his time at Washburn, Bryn has proven himself to be an asset to Information Technology Service and to Washburn University. When Bryn leaves Washburn, I have no doubt that he will distinguish himself in any career he chooses."

Mallory Hamilton

Mallory Hamilton

Leadership Challenge EventTM Student Supervisor
Leadership Institute

"Mallory always shows respect, initiative and leadership. She is a humble but friendly person. She supports student workers and the Student Leadership Council through her knowledge of the Leadership Institute office. Mallory was a great asset during the 2022 Leadership Challenge EventTM. Due to technical difficulties, she and her team had to produce unexpected materials. She led her team with a calm assurance that "everything will be okay" and it was. She has left her mark on many processes in the Leadership Institute office that will make tasks for future student workers a little easier and more efficient."

Westen Smith

Westen Smith

Marketing Assistant
Ichabod Shop

"Westen Smith joined the Ichabod Shop team in the Fall of 2019. He has always been dependable and comes to work with a positive attitude. His primary duties are marketing, but he has been willing to work in all areas of the store. Everyone enjoys working with him."

Sarina Smith does an art project with kids.

Learning in the Community program

One of the most popular federal work study positions at Washburn is with Learning in the Community (LinC): The Center for Community and Civic Engagement’s Community Corps program. Each year, LinC places over 100 students with community-based sites where individuals can engage in work that matches their academic, professional and/or personal interests and approximately 50 of those students are LinC Community Corps members. 

LinC fosters relationships with a variety of non-profit organizations and local schools to ensure that they have student employee positions that fit most, if not all, of the available majors at Washburn University. If you use federal work study with LinC, you have an opportunity to get an added academic accomplishment on your transcript for your community-based work through the Community Service Washburn Transformational Experience program.

In other words, if you are looking for a federal work study position where you can get real world, hands-on experience in your field (or explore a field you think you are interested in) while making a difference in the community and be recognized academically for your work, LinC is the place to be!

For more information about the unique opportunities available within your major and/or area of interest, contact Kristine Hart.

Patty Hernandez-Lopez stands in front of Pine Ridge Family Health Center

Student Spotlight: A LinC Success Story

A sophomore from Palo Alto, California, Patty Hernandez-Lopez epitomizes what it means to be a student employee and a LinC Bonner Scholar at Washburn. Having already earned her CNA at Washburn Tech, Patty who is a first-generation Ichabod Success student, has taken advantage of Washburn's student employment opportunities with the LinC program to get hands-on, paid experience before applying to Washburn's School of Nursing.

“I think I’ve always had it in my mind that I was going to be a nurse because when I was younger my mom had a lot of medical issues,” she said. “She had a brain aneurism and had two leg surgeries and a history of blood clots so ever since I was like 8 years old I knew I wanted to be a nurse.”

For the past year Patty, has worked at the Pine Ridge Family Health Center, helping the center expand its outreach in the community. This past spring and summer she organized and ran an HPV clinic through Pine Ridge. She also works to translate the center’s materials from English to Spanish to improve the accessibility of the services. Kristine Hart, Patty's on-campus supervisor, states, "after only one year with the program, I have seen Patty really start to become more outgoing and she is constantly taking on new challenges and opportunities with her site."

Her experience working through LinC, which places students in off-campus organizations and non-profits, has helped mold her plans after graduation. Patty stated that after graduation her plan is to either work at a hospital or a smaller clinic, similar to Pine Ridge, where she can help low income communities. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Federal work study is a student financial aid program for eligible undergraduate students with unmet financial need. With federal work study, students can get a job on campus and earn money through working. Paychecks can be used for educational, living, and/or other expenses. Funds are not directly applied to tuition, fees, or remaining balances.

Washburn University has student employees in almost every department on campus, as well as community service jobs off-campus. It is up to the student to find their own position. You can find all vacant positions on mywucareer.washburn.edu
When filling out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), answer "Yes" to the question, “in addition to grants, are you interested in work-study?”
You will find your federal work study award on your award letter, which is mailed to first-time students, and/or on your MyWashburn account, for returning students. Your award(s) will be located under the financial services link, located on the left side of the page.
You can contact the Student Employment Coordinator  to check your eligibility. If you qualify for federal work study, you will be placed on our annual wait list. Students on the wait list are awarded if we have remaining funds and then awarded based on the date the FAFSA was completed.
**It is important that you complete FAFSA as early as possible. The FAFSA is available for the next academic year on October 1. The earlier it’s completed, the more need-based aid you may receive. **
Yes, you can work in a departmental position. You can review vacancies on mywucareer.washburn.edu.
The best time to look for a fall position is July 1 after New Student Orientations have been completed. Vacant positions will be posted on July 1 and will continue to be added to the website as they come in from departments. New Student Orientation is a great way to find out about potential job vacancies. If you are seeking employment for the spring semester, you can begin searching for a position any time in the fall semester. Positions are added to the website on a daily basis.
Student employees submit bi-weekly electronic time sheets online through their MyWashburn account. Time sheets are due by 5 p.m. on the Monday following the end of the pay period. Federal and state income taxes are withheld. You may have your paycheck direct deposited by providing documentation to the Payroll office located in Morgan 212. *Direct deposit for employment is different than receiving a refund check from your financial aid award.*
Yes, international students on an F-1 and/or J-1 visa are allowed to work on-campus and would follow the same process as a US citizen to apply for a job. After an international student is hired for a position, they will need to contact the Office of International Programs for more information regarding what is needed to apply for a U.S. Social Security Number (SSN).
Yes, there are off-campus opportunities that are posted on Handshake. These are positions that are within the community but not affiliated with Washburn University. If you have questions about internships, off-campus opportunities, or resume assistance contact Career Services.


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