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Wufoo Forms

Wufoo forms should be used for general purpose needs on Washburn websites.


  • Meant for faculty, staff, students, visitors or prospective students.
  • Forms are embedded into web pages so that the user stays on the Washburn website.
    • Navigation, branding, SEO and data analytics are maintained while the form is being viewed and after the form has been submitted.
  • Reports of form submissions can be viewed at any time once the form is created.
  • Forms and Reports can be public or private (accessed via password that you choose).
  • Data is transmitted and stored in a secure manner.
  • All forms are responsive design so you can complete on any device: phone, computer, tablet.
To request a Wufoo form send an email to webmaster@washburn.edu

laptop with dynamic forms homepage displayed

Dynamic Forms

Dynamic forms should be used in cases when a Sign-In portal, workflow/approval or pre-populated employee data is needed.


  • You’ll spend less time filling out forms as biographical data (name, email) can be pre-populated from Banner and/or other sources.
  • You can receive multiple approvals easily through workflows and E-signatures.  No need to print, sign and rescan or to use an Adobe digital signature.
  • You can make payments and your department can receive payments.(*requires TouchNet uPay integration which may require maintenance cost. see Mary Schumacher)
  • You can use electronic signatures.
  • Your personally identifiable information that a form may request is transmitted and stored in a secure manner.
  • All forms are responsive design so you can complete on any device: phone, computer, tablet.
  • No restriction on number of people who can be in the workflow or use these forms.

If you have a form you would like to have created or converted and would like to be trained on creating forms using Dynamic Forms please contact support@washburn.edu.

Microsoft Forms logo

Microsoft Forms

Microsoft Forms should be used for internal or inter-departmental information/data gathering.


  • Upon the creation of a new MS form, assign ownership to an appropriate group.
    • An appropriate group is defined as one that consists of members suitable to be owners/administrators of the form.
    • If no group already exists, place a request with ITS for a new Office365 group.
    • This new approach ensures that the life of the form and any subsequent data that is gathered remains accessible until it is intentionally deemed no longer necessary instead of risking deletion when the original form creator leaves employment.
    • For support see:

Form Selection Matrix

This grid shows the available options for all three types of forms.


Dynamic Forms Microsoft Forms  Wufoo Forms
Embed in Webpage
External (non-WU) Users
Anonymous (no login) Form Submission
Washburn SSO Authentication
Accept Online Payments *
Digital/Electronic Signatures  (Doc-u-sign Acct or specific integrations)
Customizable/Conditional Workflow and Notifications
Prefill/Autofill Data from Banner
Imaging (ApplicationXtender) Integration
User-Designed Forms (drag-and-drop designer)
User Access to Saved Drafts and Forms History
Mobile Compatible (responsive design)
Form Administrator Interface (review submissions)
Date Limits Available
Limit to One Response per Person (prevent duplicate submissions)
Conditionally Show/Hide Form Elements
Real-Time Submission/Data-Report Viewing
Form Data Export Functionality (CSV, etc) 
Completed Form Storage/Retention Limitation 1 Year in Cloud
Preferred for website engagement, recruitment, marketing, etc


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