ITS Staff provide assistance through step-by-step training materials or video tutorials in all areas.  

Additional help can also be found by contacting the Technology Support Center, 785-670-3000 or email .

Special Adobe license for faculty

Argos Report Viewer and Writer

Argos Datablock Designer

Watch the Argos Advanced training video  video play button for DataBlock Designers and MAPS Administrators who have already completed the Report Viewer, Report Writer, and DataBlock Designer training. It covers topics such as use of multiple forms on a dashboard, drill-down charts, OLAP cubes, and the Argos API.

Argos Web Viewer

AirServer - Wirelessely connecting to the projector 

Interactive projective user guides

Release Forms

Washburn Video:

  • Washburn Video Portal (Visit to watch training videos on uploading/removing videos from the Washburn Video Server, Using a Dropbox for Students, Closed Captioning, Zoom Video Conferencing integration, Checkout Equipment tutorials, Skype for Business tutorials, etc)

Zoom Video


Skype for Business



Need Skype for Business on a personal computer?

Students are not given VPN access at this time. To access remote resources at the university, such as network drives and remote access to lab resources, please sign up for Duo and use VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure). Duo will also be used for increasingly more university resources in the near future.

Wireless connections are available in the following campus parking lots:
  • Parking Lot 1
  • Parking Lot 2
  • Parking Lot 4
  • Parking Lot 6
  • Parking Lot 7
  • Parking Lot 9
  • Parking Lot 10
  • Parking Lot 11
  • Parking Lot 16
  • Parking Lot 18
  • Parking Lot E
  • Parking Lot K
  • Parking Lot P
  • Parking Lot R

Map of Parking Lot WiFi areas.


Email the Technology Support Center
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