ITS provides video conferencing services for faculty and staff. We can assist you with connecting to multiple remote sites for video conferencing or provide conferencing through use of a  Zoom Pro account. Students and adjuncts receive a Zoom basic account.  
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Zoom Video Conferencing

Washburn University has licensed a web/video conferencing service that enables users to have high quality video and audio conferences or meetings from laptops, desktops and other mobile devices. It includes features like screen sharing and recording capabilities. All Washburn and Washburn Tech faculty and staff receive a Zoom Pro account.  Students and adjunct faculty receive a Zoom Basic account.  For login information, please see the section below.

For more information on video conferencing, the use of Zoom accounts for Washburn, please contact or

For more in-depth training materials on Zoom visit: Zoom Video Tutorials 

Accessing your Washburn Zoom account (written instructions)

The Zoom application is installed on all Washburn-issued computers.

  • In your browser, navigate to

  • In the footer, select the Download Zoom link. Follow the steps to download and install the Zoom application on that device.
    zoom download button


  • Washburn ITS recommends using the Zoom application to schedule and access your Zoom meetings. However, your Zoom account can be accessed from this webpage. To do so, select the Login link on the upper right of

  • You will be taken to the standard Washburn sign-on dialog in your computer’s default browser. Enter your Washburn username ( and password as indicated.
  • Launch the Zoom application.
  • Select Sign In
    zoom sign in

  • On the login screen, select Sign in with SSO
    zoom sign in with sso

  • In the company domain field, enter “washburn”. Select Continue
    enter washburn in domain field
  • You will be taken to the standard Washburn sign-on dialog in your computer’s default browser. Enter your Washburn username ( and password as indicated.

Accessing your Washburn Zoom account (video instructions)

Zoom Live Captioning

In Live Captioning, a Zoom meeting host can activate the function so that captions will appear in real time. Live Captioning appears to all participants if it is switched on.
Activate Live Captioning in your Zoom session:

button that says live transcript with a closed caption symbol is circled

  • Select the CC button on the right-hand side of the controls at the bottom of the session (or from the More option if your session is not full screen)
  • From the pop-up menu, select Enable Auto-Transcription

zoom enable transcription button

View captions as transcript (rather than subtitles):

  • View Full Transcript from the CC button menu
  • It is disabled from the same menu selecting Close Full Transcript

Participants can hide it from their view by:

  • Select Hide Subtitle from the same CC button.

The best captioning occurs for speakers who speak at a medium pace.

This is separate from captions generated when a Zoom session is recorded and stored on Washburn Video. Zoom hosts can have both: Switching on Live Captioning does not automatically cause captions to be generated for the recording nor vice versa.


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