BBA Core Competencies

To implement the mission of the School, the faculty has adopted the following undergraduate program core competencies as instructional objectives of the BBA program:

Written and Oral Communication Abilities:
Students will be able to read with comprehension, write with clarity, verbalize concisely, and clearly present ideas in both formal and informal settings.

Problem Solving Abilities:
Students will be able to recognize, define, and analyze diverse problems, view problems from an original perspective, and organize and interpret information in order to draw and support conclusions.

Ethical Decision-Making Abilities:
Students will be able to differentiate between ethical and unethical behavior and integrate ethical understanding and societal responsibility into decision making.

Global Awareness:
Students will understand the impact of participation in the global economy on business conduct and performance as well as the effects of business actions on that economy.

Technological Abilities:
Students will understand information technology as it affects the structure and processes of organizations and economies, and how the use of technology manifests itself in the establishment and accomplishment of strategic goals of the organization.

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