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Take an extra step to move ahead as you pursue a career in the financial services industry. The Kansas Insurance Certificate is a short, 12-credit hour program that prepares you for a wide variety of opportunities in the areas of banking, insurance, accounting, investment and wealth management. But the benefits don't end there! This certificate can set you apart in fields such as marketing, information technology, human resources and administration. Whatever your calling, this short-term investment can pay long-term dividends.
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Kansas Insurance Certificate at Washburn

The Kansas Insurance Certificate provides academic preparation for students who want to pursue a career in the insurance and financial service industries. While the program is offered in partnership with several Kansas Regents Universities, all coursework may be completed at Washburn University. Program requirements include:

  • Four courses aligned with your major; each course is three-credit hours for a total of 12-credit hours
  • You must earn a grade of C or better in each course; at least six hours must be earned at Washburn University
  • Some courses have prerequisites; normally prerequisites are met as part of the student's major program

The awarding of the Kansas Certificate of Insurance is independent of the graduation date of degree-seeking students.

Note: Due to federal regulations, students completing the certificate independently from a Washburn degree program will not be able to receive federal financial aid for the certificate program.

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Required classes for the Kansas Insurance Certificate:

  • BU374 Principles of Risk and Insurance
  • BU378 Life and Health Insurance

And two classes from the list below:

  • MA 385 Actuarial Mathematics
  • BU 483 Investments
  • BU 366 Sales
  • BU 499 Internship (insurance-related)
  • An additional course offered online from one of several Kansas Regents Universities, or
  • Another approved Washburn University course in the insurance or financial services areas

Apply for the Kansas Insurance Certificate program by completing the application form. Submit it to the Washburn School of Business office or email

The Kansas Insurance Certificate is available through the Kansas Financial Services Leadership Program. Washburn is one of several universities in the state that offers this opportunity. To learn more, contact David Sollars, dean, Washburn School of Business at (785) 670.1308 or email

By the Numbers

CAREER FORECAST: growing outlook
Employment of securities, commodities and financial services sales agents is projected to grow 4 percent from 2019 to 2029, about as fast as the average for all occupations. The high pay associated with securities, commodities and financial services sales agents draws many more applicants than there are openings. Therefore, competition for jobs is intense. A graduate degree and certification, such as the Kansas Insurance Certificate, can improve an applicant’s prospects. (source: US Bureau of Labor Statistics)

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