Becoming a Business Major

You've decided on a business major. Nice work. Now, your first step is to declare your major. Then, meet with your advisor and make sure to complete all your correlates and required courses. You should also apply for a business scholarship. You can check your progress by viewing your Degree Works Audit through My Washburn and review your program's advising worksheet.

Next you need to apply for formal admission to the School of Business. This can only happen when you have completed 54 hours and the following seven courses with a C or better:

  • MA116 College Algebra (or higher)
  • AC224 Financial Accounting
  • AC224 Managerial Accounting
  • BU250 Management Information System
  • BU258 Foundations of Data Analysis
  • EC200 Principles of Microeconomics
  • EC201 Principles of Macroeconomics
  • EC211 Statistics for Business and Economics

If you have 54 credit hours, but have not yet completed these seven courses with a C or better then this needs to be your number one priority. Students are limited to no more than 30 hours of AC, BU, or EC courses until admission is granted.

It is important that all BBA students be advised by a member of the School of Business faculty or by an academic advisor located in the School of Business office, Henderson 114. However, the student has the ultimate responsibility for their own actions and choices. 

Required Business Courses

AC 224 Financial Accounting

AC 225 Managerial Accounting

BU 250 Managerial Information Systems

BU 258 Foundations of Data Analytics

EC 200 Principles of Microeconomics

EC 201 Principles of Macroeconomics

EC 211 Statistics for Business and Economics

BU 315 Legal Environment of Business
BU 342 Organization and Management
BU 347 Production and Operations
BU 360 Principles of Marketing
BU 381 Business Finance
BU 449 Strategic Management
Global Dynamic Requirement (choose one):

  • BU 355 International Business 
  • BU 477 International Finance
  • EC 410 International Economics

EN 101 Freshman Composition
EN 300 Advanced Composition
WU 101/HN 101 Washburn Experience
MA 116 College Algebra

General Education in the areas of:
• Humanities (9 hours): 3 hours + CN 150 correlate + 3 hours of Art, Music or Theater
• Math and Natural Sciences (9 hours): 3 hours + MA 140 and MA 141
• Social Science (9 hours): 3 hours + 6 hours of AN 112/PY 100/SO 100 correlate


Data Analytics

Economics (BBA)

Economics (BA)

Entrepreneurship & Innovation


General Business

International Business




Major-Specific Courses:  Students must complete an additional 24 hours of upper-division Accounting, Business, and/or Economic courses.  A student may select courses from a number of subject areas within the School of Business and receive a BBA with a major in General Business.  Alternatively, a student may complete one (or more) of the following major areas of concentration within the 24 semester hours.


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