The Commission has been engaged in a multi-stage process to review and revise its Criteria for Accreditation and related requirements. This process began in December 2009 with a directive from the Commission’s Board of Trustees to reexamine the Commission’s accrediting requirements in accordance with its five-year schedule. Over the past year Commission staff and institutional representatives have gathered to engage in a collaborative process of proposing, commenting on and refining proposed new Criteria for Accreditation. In addition, the Commission staff has revised the Minimum Expectations into the new Assumed Practices and developed a new conceptual framework for their use.

In September 2012, the Higher Learning Commission begins a three-year transition during which PEAQ will be replaced by two new Pathways.  Washburn University has been approved to follow the Open Pathway. 

 Washburn has begun preparing for this transition by identifying potential faculty and staff to assist with various elements of the Open Pathway model.  As additional details are determined, they will be shared with the Washburn campus.

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