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An Inclusive Campus Experience

Washburn is committed to cultivating an inclusive learning, living, and working community, facilitating the success of all people, and supporting all individuals. An inclusive community values diversity in culture, socio-economic status, race, ethnicity, nationality, place of origin, language, ability, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, religious and non-religious identity, political and social ideology, family background, veteran status, and age, as well as the intersections of these identities. The University strives to provide opportunities for its members to reflect upon their own perspectives while examining the perspectives of others, resulting in a culture of empathy and respect for all.


Faculty and Staff Affinity Groups

Washburn is pleased to announce the creation of faculty and staff affinity groups to help advance and sustain a campus climate of diversity and inclusiveness.  Affinity groups are composed of people with a common purpose, outlook, social characteristic, or interest. These groups provide opportunities for networking, collaboration, engagement, support, and/or broadening of inclusivity and cultural awareness at Washburn.

All faculty and staff members of the WU community are welcome. To apply for formal recognition as an employee affinity group, please complete the affinity groups form. Please contract Isaiah Collier (Isiah.collier@washburn.edu) or Kelly Erby (Kelly.erby@washburn.edu) with questions.

Resources and Initiatives

Below are links to resources intended to foster diversity, inclusion, and equity at Washburn and in the Topeka community. 

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